Awareness Programs Organized by Salwan Schools

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    • Cyber Jagrookta/Awareness Diwas- SPS MV
    • A talk about Internet Safety on Cyber Jagrookta Diwas was conducted to make students aware of the various cybersafety rules and their importance to keep themselves safe from cyberbullying, cybercrimes and frauds. Students presented skits to show types of cybercrime to sensitize the students. Mohd. Saad, an active member of the CyberWiz team of our school apprised all the students about the various CyberSafety tips.

    • Awareness Programmes on Festive Occasions-SPS MV
    • It has been a tradition to immerse idols in water bodies like rivers, lakes, ponds, wells, etc during festive occasions such as Ganeshotav, Durga Pooja, etc. and the consequent pollution of such water bodies has been a matter of concern for the authorities. To create awareness students were encouraged to participate in the following Awareness Programme & Competitions which were conducted for classes VI-IX at the school level.
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