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A Visit to Terminal 1 to learn about Civil Engineering

On October 20, 2023, a programme was organized for the students of SPS, RN by the Team of Turner at Terminal 1 of the Delhi Airport, which focused on the critical aspects of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the context of construction sites. The programme was conducted under the able guidance of Mr. Nikolas Karagiannidis, the Project Director for Turner. Notably, our school was the sole institution chosen to participate in this prestigious event, providing a unique opportunity to 20 Science students to broaden their understanding of these important themes.


The programme commenced with an address by Mr. Nikolas Karagiannidis highlighting the pivotal role of civil engineering in today’s ever-evolving scenario. He offered a fresh perspective on workplace dynamics, emphasizing the importance of diversity in job roles, equity being more important than equality, and the essential role of inclusion in creating a harmonious and productive work environment.

The programme continued with insightful presentations by engineers, who were integral members of the T-3 project, and represented various departments such as architecture, planning, IT, and VFX. They shared their experiences and knowledge regarding diversity and inclusion in the construction industry, shedding light on their respective fields and the opportunities they offer.

The programme concluded with an interactive question-and-answer session, during which students actively engaged with the speakers. This interactive segment allowed students to gain a deeper understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the construction sector.

The programme culminated with the presentation of certificates to the attending students, as a testament to their participation and eagerness to learn.

Foreign exchange program Australian delegates by SPS Gurugram: The visit of the Australian delegate, Ms. Sally Webb, from October 11- 13, 2023, was a significant step in our quest to enhance international collaborations in the field of education. The warm welcome extended to Ms. Webb, the Principal of Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School, set a positive tone for the visit.

On the first day, Grade II students presented an engaging assembly on ‘Endangered Animals,’ emphasizing the importance of conservation. This was followed by classroom visits where Ms. Webb observed our teaching methods and witnessed hands-on learning in the Integrated Lab. Discussions on curriculum and assessment practices provided valuable insights into our educational framework.

The second day focused on co-curricular activities, with students showcasing their talents in yoga, Zumba, and music performances. Ms. Webb had the opportunity to explore our school facilities, including labs, sports areas, and cultural spaces. In-depth discussions on international pedagogies and curriculum practices strengthened the bonds of knowledge sharing.

On the final day, conversations revolved around research and educational ideas, promoting a deeper understanding of innovative teaching practices. Ms. Webb actively participated in Tie and Dye and Home Science activities, adding a personal touch to her visit. The cultural experience through a Dandiya session symbolized joy and unity.

In conclusion, this visit enriched our school’s global perspective by fostering cultural exchange, promoting international understanding, and strengthening our commitment to educational excellence. The collaborative exchange with Ms. Sally Webb and her insights into different educational systems have contributed to our school’s growth and international connection.

Thirty-five students of class XII from SPS MV visited NCERT Science Park, herbal garden, and natural farm, in NCERT campus on Aurobindo Marg, Delhi. Students witnessed mustard, fenugreek, coriander, mango, turmeric, tomato, cauliflower, mint, snake plant, bryophyllum, jasmine, wild eggplant (kateri), Ashwagandha, tradescantia, gooseberry, peepal, chilli, lady finger, spinach, and so many more plants growing on a large scale without any use of chemicals. Students had hands on experience in the science park and saw the models based on reflection of sound, conservation of energy, center of mass, organ pipes, use of pulley in lifting weight, periscope, Newton’s disc motion of bodies down the inclined plane, Newton’s cradle, etc. Overall, it was an enriching and joyful experience for the students.

SPS MV organized a visit to the Indian Meteorology Department, Mausam Bhawan, Lodhi Road, New Delhi on 17 October 2023. Forty students of class XII along with two teachers visited the observatory. In Hydrology Division, the students learnt about the measurement of temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed and wind direction in manual and automated observatories. It was followed by a visit to Satmet division wherein they learnt about weather satellites and retrieval/ storage and analysis of satellite images on cloud cover, water vapor, etc. for weather prediction. Students also visited EMRC division, where they learnt about the measurement of pollutants in the air and calculation of Air Quality Index.

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