Exchange Programme with Good Shepherd Public School, Kottayam, Kerala

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Seventeen students and two teachers from Salwan Public School, Rajendra Nagar, along with two students and one teacher from Salwan Public School, Tronica City embarked on a Student Exchange Programme with  Good Shepherd Public School, Kottayam, Kerala, from 11 Jan to 17 Jan 2023. Through this exchange programme, students were exposed to different cultural, geographical, religious and social backgrounds, allowing them to develop a greater understanding of diversity.

Students attended in-campus classes along with the students of the partner school for Mathematics, Science, Languages, Art and Craft. They also visited heritage sites, beaches, tea plantations and temples after the lectures.

The highlight of the programme was the day tour to Backwaters in the Houseboat and a visit to Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple at Trivandrum, where they paid their obeisance to Lord Vishnu in the centuries-old temple. They learnt about the architecture and grandeur of the southern part of the country. Students learnt not only about the culture and heritage of Kerala, but also emerged as independent individuals with a wider perspective.

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