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“There is no friend as loyal as a book.”

Inculcating the spirit of reading and going through interesting books entices a young learner to pick up and read and if that magical moment is combined with displaying story books, poems, science projects and experiments curated by learner themselves, it provides a treat to the eyes.

Celebrating this moment, an exhibition and a book fair was organized in the premises of Salwan Junior School, Naraina on Saturday, March 18’ 2023 on the day of the PTM. The book fair gave an opportunity to the young learners to explore new ideas, engage with a variety of books, and learn from different types of displays and exhibits. The students along with their parents browsed the wide display of books to pick up books of their choice and interest. The excitement of procuring activity-based books, encyclopaedias and story books of famous authors was visible on the vibrant faces of the young Salwanians. The display of Science projects, Mathematical games, Poetry books, bookmarks, and Story books presented a plethora of insight into the imagination and learning of young minds.

Early Childhood Development Forum organised the Global Educators conference at the Leela Convention, Delhi on 25th March 2023.  The conference provided insightful perspectives on multiple approaches to Early Childhood Development by early childhood experts from the national and international arena. The event was supported by Tender Petals Preschools, EU Media, Scoodos, wonder Learn and had speakers from UK and Australia besides different parts of India.

Ms. Sarita Dahiya, the Montessori coordinator at SJS Naraina and Ms. Sonia Wadhwa, Head of the school attended the conference.

The conference not only provided multiple workshop opportunities for the attendees but also awarded and recognized the efforts of various institutions working for Early Childhood.

It is matter of proud that Salwan Junior School won the award for “INNOVATION IN EARLY YEARS EDUCATION”. The head of the school, Ms Sonia Wadhwa was also awarded as the Outstanding Educationist.

Graduation Ceremony

“The future belongs to those who dream to achieve and work hard for it.”

To celebrate the milestone event in the academic journey, Graduation Ceremony was organized for the students of Class V on Wednesday, March 22’ 2023. The school premises was reverberating with the accolades and achievements of the students throughout the year. The students were welcomed with love and regards along with their parents who accompanied the proud achievers to celebrate their special moment.

Every fifth grader was rejoicing in the celebratory mode and appreciated the moments with their families and friends. Dressed in graduation robes, every child was handed over his certificates, personalised folder of memories from the teacher along with a surprise token from the school, as a memoir of the memories made at Salwan Junior School, by the Director of the School, Sh. Arvind Saluja, Retd. Capt. (IN) along with the Head of the School, Ms. Sonia Wadhwa.  The School Chairman, Sh. Michael Dias was mesmerized with to see the confident sentiments of the students and praised the students, parents and the staff for imparting good values and skills among the children. Parents recognized the love, care and morals received by their children in the seven most important primary years. It was a joyous occasion and made the entire year’s recollection worthwhile.

Orientation Programmes

“Education is a shared commitments between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents.”

Partnership Programmes with parents are the key to the success of the great connect with students and teachers. To reiterate the same, the school conducted Orientation Programmes for all classes to connect back into mainstream learning with new rules, procedures, and processes for the new Academic Session 2023-2024. Parents were invited to understand the details of the new session. The Head of the School, Ms. Sonia Wadhwa took the session with the coordinators taking over and presenting the nee staff and the group of teachers teaching set of classes.

Demo of new ERP systems with parent app and other finer details were explained to those who were present and whose who attended the session online. It was fruitful session of discussion and understanding each other’s thought processes, followed by a cup of tea.

Report on Annual Awards
For Class V-2022-2023

Nand Kapoor Award and Disha Kaushik Award

Every year, the outgoing batch of Class V is being awarded with a scholarship award to the General and EWS categories of students. The Nand Kapoor Award is given to the school’s best student in the EWS category. This award is dedicated to one of the late trustees’ mother who used to uplift underprivileged children. Disha Kaushik Award is given to the meritorious student from General category.

The students who excel in Scholastic and Co-scholastic areas of learning are allowed to show their calibre and be worthy of this prestigious award.

This year, the Nand Kapoor award was awarded to Ronak of Class V-B, followed by Disha Kaushik Award awarded to Riaan Narula from Class V-A on Wednesday, 22nd March 2023 by Hon. Chairman of the School, Mr. Michel Dias on “Graduation Day” ceremony in front of the parents.

This award motivates the learners to excel and perform well in all spheres of learning throughout the year. Salwan Education Trust along with the school management, is committed to provide the best possible education to our students, so as to make them capable individuals who are not only successful in their own lives but also contribute significantly in the growth of our nation as responsible citizens.

Achiever’s Day

“Happiness is the real sense of fulfilment that comes from hard work.”

-Joseph Barbara

Hard work not only leads to success but also shapes our character by instilling important values such as discipline, dedication, and perseverance that will serve us well in all aspects of life.

Salwan Junior School celebrated Achiever’s Day to honour the hard work and perseverance of the students on Tuesday, 14th March 2023. The ceremony recognized students who had shown consistent improvement, excelled in academics, and demonstrated versatility in co-curricular activities. Outstanding performances in dance, music, arts, sports, IT, and public speaking were also acknowledged. Students with exemplary behavior and communication skills were awarded certificates, along with the winners of Inter-class competitions. The ceremony concluded with a motivating speech by the Head of the School, Ms. Sonia Wadhwa, urging students to strive for excellence in all areas of their lives. The event was a great success and inspired  everyone to continue working hard and achieving their goals.

Class Presentations

Based on the idea of “a child has a special way of adding joy to everyday” the montessori classes of Salwan Junior School, Naraina presented a dance drama cultural programme on Friday, 11 March 2023 in two different events by Nursery and KG students, respectively.

The guests for the Nursery Class Presentation were Ms. Raj Kumari, Deputy Director of Education, MCD Karol Bagh Zone, Ms. Sadhana Meena, School Inspector , MCD Karol Bagh Zone and Ms. Nisha Obheroi, Former Headmistress, Salwan Public School , Rajendra Nagar and Former Headmistress, Salwan Junior School, Naraina Vihar.

The event of KG was witnessed by the Chief Guest, Shri H R Meena, Deputy Secretary, Government of India, Ministry of Highways and Road Transport, New Delhi along with the Guest of Honour, Mrs. S.K. Arora, Principal Kinder nest. The school Headmistress Ms. Sonia Wadhwa along with staff members felicitated the guests and welcomed the audiences.

The programme commenced with the lamp lighting ceremony by the esteemed guests and students to seek good wishes and invoke blessings from the Almighty to make the event a success. This was followed by the presentation of the Annual School report by the Head Boy, Riaan Narula and Head Girl, Diya Vashisht. The year round activities, achievements, new initiatives and future planning was showcased to the audiences.

The cultural presentation showcased on stage by the little Salwanians left the audience spellbound. It was based on the theme of happiness and enjoying every moment, just like the children. Importance of family, love, and friendship is important for our happiness, was depicted sweetly by the performers. The entire programme was choreographed and directed in-house and carried out by students including the dance performances, choir group, emcee and vote of thanks.

The programme was well appreciated by the guests as well as parents.

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