Founder’s Day: Illuminating the Path to Knowledge

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The Salwanians celebrated the birth anniversary of their visionary founder, Pt. Girdhari Lal Salwan, on Tuesday, December 5, 2023, in the SPSRN grounds.

The day commenced with a sacred Havan ceremony, symbolising the purification and renewal of our spirits. Vedic chants filled the air, creating an atmosphere of reverence. The ceremony served as a reminder of our school’s values and the principles our Founder instilled.

Following the Havan ceremony, a candle lighting ceremony was held to honour our Founder’s legacy. Staff and students took turns lighting candles, signifying illumination of the mind and the sharing of knowledge within the community.

Founder’s Day serves as a day of reflection, gratitude, and inspiration. This day reminds the Salwanians of the vision and principles of our learned Founder that continue to guide our organisation, ensuring a bright future filled with growth and an everlasting quest for knowledge.

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