Initiatives to empower Indian Artisans – July 2022

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Salwan Education Trust aims to foster inclusivity, respect and protect the rights of indigenous artists using a culture-based approach.  Keeping this in view, Salwan Public School, Gurugram, organized a program on Langa Music and Kalbelia Dance from Rajasthan on 2nd July 2022 in association with, UNESCO and Rajasthan Tourism. The Chairman Emeritus Shri Shiv Dutt Salwan and Chairman of Salwan Education Trust, Shri Sushil Dutt Salwan graced the occasion with their presence. The program was under our campaign ‘Save the Artist’.

SET Schools organized an Artisans’ Exhibition with an aim to give the children and their parents a magnificent platform to connect with the experienced artisans who have competence in traditional craft making abilities in order to carry the legacy forward and preserve their art forms. The craftsmen showed their impressive collection of work that featured exquisite, handcrafted items and products that demonstrated their exceptional ingenuity and workmanship.

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