Intense Diction Workshop – February 2022

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Resource Persons: Ms. Lushin Dubey and Ms. Bubbles Sabharwal

Date: 3rd February, 2022 to 7th February, 2022

Time: 6 PM. TO 7 PM

It is rightly said, ‘Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate.’ It is an art of imagination that requires originality and agility. Rendezvous with drama leads to more creative thinking and creativity booms divergent thinking. The open-ended and uncertain nature of it sparks curiosity.

With this thought in mind, Salwan Education Trust offered learners the platform to learn the art of drama with right diction and intonation under the able guidance of the famous theatre personalities; Ms. Lushin Dubey and Ms. Bubbles Sabharwal.

The workshop took the learners through a journey of delivering limericks to presenting T.S. Elliot’s,’ McCavity from his, ‘Possums Book of Practical Cats’ with emphasis on anagram used by Kidsworld -CEPPPFILS, which stands for Clarity / Energy / Projection / Pace / Physical (usage of face, hands, and body) /Fillers (improvised by them)/ Intonation /Landing with power / Surprise Elements.

It concluded on a promising note, wherein each participant got an opportunity to display skills in language, communication and acting, thus instilling self-confidence.

The five-day workshop allowed learners to identify their potential and helped them not only in shedding their inhibitions but also guided them to perfect their performance.

The workshop was a huge success, enhancing the spoken skills of students, strengthening their expression, and shaping their personalities.

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