Navtika is a journal published by Salwan Education Trust which reflects growth in research on young children’s learning and development. The journal publishes research which transcends disciplinary boundaries and applies theory and research within academic and professional communities.

Editor in Chief - Dr. Indu Khetarpal, Educationist with rich experience in organization and management in education .

Founder Principal Salwan Public School ,Gurugram

Former Principal , Salwan Public School, Rajendra Nagar , New Delhi

Dr. Indu Khetarpal, M.A, M.Ed., PhD, did her post graduation in Educational Management from Central Institute of Education, Delhi University. She has been a recipient of the National Award for Teachers, 2005 awarded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, and ICT State Award in the year 2005 for her contribution in the field of Education. She fondly refers to the journal as her baby!

It was launched on January 20, 2007 by Joint Secretary, Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India. Since then, the journal has been serving the needs of parents, early childhood practitioners, including classroom teachers, child care providers, and teacher educators. The various issues include practical, theoretical, and research articles that focus on child development, young children with special needs, curriculum and evaluation, early childhood programs, home/school collaboration, effective pedagogy and professional development.

The Themes So Far

Year 2023
First Issue: Creating Pathways in Inclusion - Equity in the Formative Years
Second Issue: Pancha Kosha - Learning to re-learn and discover the essence of the contemporary educational landscape
Year 2022
First Issue: From Virtual to Real Classrooms – Challenges and Opportunities
Second Issue: Innovative Pedagogies & Researches – For Learner-Centric Education
Third Issue: Learning from Progressive Countries Case Studies across the globe of different Models- A Confluence of Educational Approaches
Year 2021
First Issue: Digital Learning- Keeping You Updated
Second Issue: NEP 2020- Recognising the Primacy of Early Education
Year 2020
First Issue: Health, Hygiene and Nutrition- A Mind and Muscle Connection
Year 2019
First Issue: Acquisition of Language in Early Years: Promoting Bilingualism
Second Issue: Quality Education- Quality Matters-: Teaching Transforming and Transacting with the Young Learners.
Third Issue: Self Esteem: Valuing ‘The Self’ Creating a Confident, Courageous, Capable and Caring Child.
Fourth Issue: Assessment – A Perpetual Work in Progress: Today’s Means of Modifying Tomorrow’s Instructions
Year 2018
First Issue: Developing Physical and Emotional Security- Providing a Welcoming and Supportive Environment
Second Issue: Professional Development and Capacity Building
Third Issue: Blended Learning : Importance of STEM in ECE Learning
Fourth Issue : Family-The Building Bridge : Family Engagement in Early Childhood Centres.
Year 2017
First Issue: Learning through Activities: Scaffolding Early Childhood Potential
Second Issue: Thinking out of the Box: Boosting Brain Power
Third Issue: Supporting Children's Creativity: Music, Dance, Drama and Art
Fourth Issue: Becoming a Leader: Developing Leadership and Management Skills in the Early's Creativity: Music, Dance, Drama and Art.
Year 2016
First Issue: Reach out to the Special Call: Special Children Special Ways
Second Issue: Early Childhood Curriculum: A Child's Connection to the World
Third Issue: Empowering the Child: Nurturing the Ever Inquisitive Mind
Fourth Issue: Getting Ready for School: Supporting School Readiness
Year 2015
First Issue: Nurturing Childhood : Achieving Sustainable Practices
Second Issue: Building Motor Skills in Young Children
Year 2014
First Issue: Impact of Media in the Early Years
Second Issue: Teaching about Environment to Young Children
Third Issue: Fostering Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills in Young Children
Fourth Issue: Developmentally Appropriate Practices in Early Years
Year 2013
First Issue: Multiple Intelligences: A Holistic Development
Second Issue : Parents as Partners in ECE
Third Issue: Developing Social-Emotional Skills in the Early Years
Fourth Issue: Inclusion and Diversity in the Early Years
Year 2012
First Issue: Pre-school Teacher: A Mentor, Guide or Facilitator
Second Issue: Challenges in Early Childhood
Third Issue: Emergent Literacy
Fourth Issue: ICT Culture in Early Childhood Education
Year 2011
First Issue: Importance of Music
Second Issue: ICT in Early Years
Third Issue: Exploring Science through Childhood Experiences
Fourth Issue: Value Inculcation in the Early Years
Year 2010
First Issue: Weaving a Wonderful World of Words
Second Issue: Right to Education Act coming into Force
Third Issue: Wonders of Play Fourth Issue: Maths for Everyone
Year 2009
First Issue: Early Brain Development
Second Issue: Language Development
Third Issue: Understand Child's Mind to be an Effective Teacher
Year 2008
First Issue: Holistic Early Childhood Curriculum
Second Issue: Healthy Psycho-Social Development
Third Issue: Assessment of Children's progress
Year 2007
First Issue: NCF - A set of guidelines for ECCE Services, Nursery Admission
Second Issue: The Judgement in the Best Interest of the Pre-School Child
Third Issue: Parents Involvement in Early Childhood