Salwan Boys Sr. Sec. School, Rajendra Nagar

A Rendezvous with Shri Amar Chandel, Wellness Coach and Holistic Healer

Holistic healing, as elucidated by wellness coach Shri Amar Chandel, emphasized a comprehensive approach to well-being, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional aspects. In his lecture, attended by 11 students and 5 teachers of Salwan Boys Sr Sec School on 09 February, 2024, Shri Chandel highlighted the important role of lifestyle in health, attributing 80% of health issues to faulty habits. He advocated lifestyle changes, emphasizing that diseases often stem from the digestive system and can be addressed through conscious dietary choices and the elimination of harmful habits.

Echoing the wisdom of Hippocrates, Shri Chandel stressed the importance of using food as medicine and avoiding the prescription of unnecessary medication.

He outlined ten key factors for a healthy lifestyle, including the consumption of nutritious food, abstaining from alcohol, regular deep breathing, engaging in physical activity, adequate rest, quality sleep, stress management, anger avoidance, and nurturing positive relationships.

During the interactive session, both teachers and students posed questions, reflecting a keen interest in a holistic approach to health. Shri Chandel underscored the significance of maintaining a youthful outlook on life, emphasizing the vitality of remaining young at heart.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Shi Anil Kumar, Director,  Salwan Boys Sr Sec School, acknowledging the valuable insights shared by Shri Amar Chandel.

Overall, Shri Chandel’s holistic healing approach, encapsulated in the formula for health, harmony, and happiness, offers a paradigm for enhancing overall well-being and vitality.

Farewell Ceremony -2024

“Don’t be afraid to take risks and follow your passion. Keep chasing your dreams.”

SALWAN BOYS SR SEC SCHOOL hosted a farewell ceremony for the students of the Class XII batch of 2023-24 on 13th February, 2024. The ceremony commenced with tilak of students by juniors and teachers. To seek the blessings of the almighty for the students appearing for classes XII board examination and to energize one’s spiritual and intellectual conscience, a Hawan ceremony was performed at school campus by Ms Asha Rathi, TGT sanskrit.  The sacred purifying ritual filled the school’s ambience with pious aroma and positive energies. Chanting of mantras and offerings to sacred fire created a revitalizing and rejuvenating effect for both the body and mind and paved the way for further success.

Later on Respected Principal Mr. Naresh Kumar also motivated the students for forthcoming CBSE Examinations by guiding them about the tips and time management skills for the Examinations and also wished good luck to the students for their future. He also expressed her hope that students will continue holding the best positions in upcoming Examinations.

At the end of the farewell ceremony, the students of class 12th were served refreshment and prasad was also distributed to all the students and staff. Then the ceremony came to an end and it was a very touching moment for all. The day ended by capturing memories with photo sessions

State Level winners of Mental Maths Quiz Competition

Hunar Gupta and Vedant Pandey, from class XI Science and VI respectively, clinched 4th place in the State Level Mental Maths Quiz Competition. Emerging victorious at the State Level, the competition drew participants from five districts: East, West, North, South, and Central.

 Their success at the state level showcases their prowess in mental mathematics, highlighting their dedication and skill in the subject and also inspire fellows students.

Republic Day Celebrations -2024

‘The strength of a nation lies in the hands of its youth.’

At Salwan Boys Sr Sec School, Republic Day unfolded in a kaleidoscope of patriotic fervor. The campus radiated with the tricolor hues of orange, white, and green, as students proudly showcased their models and paintings, all resonating with the spirit of the nation.

Amidst a backdrop of anticipation, Hon’ble Chairman Shri B L Vohra unfurled the national flag, symbolizing the essence of unity and pride. The resonating notes of the National Anthem filled the air, setting the tone for a day of celebration and reflection.

In his motivational address, Chairman Sir not only congratulated the students on the significance of Republic Day but also emphasized the importance of academic preparation, urging them to excel in their forthcoming exams.

The cultural extravaganza unfolded with speeches, songs, and dances, each performance echoing the patriotic ethos. The festivities continued with spirited competitions like the lemon and spoon race, frog race, and volleyball matches, fostering camaraderie and sportsmanship among students and staff alike.

Principal Shri Naresh Kumar’s impassioned speech served as a beacon, inspiring students to channel their energies into diligent study and preparation, ensuring a brighter future for themselves and the nation they proudly represent.

Visit to Amrit Udyan

‘In the heart of nature lies a world of wonder waiting to be explored’

Amrit Udyan, known as the heart of the Rashtrapati Bhavan, is a sprawling 15-acre garden that serves as a botanical wonder. Salwan Boys Sr Sec School organized an enlightening excursion for its class VII students and teachers on February 23, 2024. The garden welcomed them with a vibrant palette of colors and enchanting fragrances. Its diverse collection included roses, tulips, medicinal herbs, and an assortment of trees. Particularly striking were the tulips, daffodils, Asiatic lilies, and oriental lilies, captivating all with their beauty. The highlight of the visit was the breathtaking floral displays, featuring intricate patterns of tulips and over 100 varieties of roses. Furthermore, the bonsai and circular gardens showcased a rich tapestry of flora and fauna. Exploring each nook filled the air with excitement as students absorbed firsthand the marvels of nature. Amrit Udyan left an enduring impression on their hearts and minds, a testament to its splendor and educational value.

Triumph at Heights: School Dominates Wall Climbing Competition

S. No. Category       1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
1. Lead Climbing Deepu Kunal Prashant
2. Speed Climbing Deepu Kunal Prashant
Our school’s exceptional performance secured all top three positions in U-14 category in both Lead and Speed climbing, leading to the overall trophy triumph. The event was held at Meera Model School Janakpuri, Delhi on 19th January and 20th January 2024.
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