Salwan Girls Sr. Sec. School, Rajendra Nagar (March Month)

Empowering Educators: The Heartfulness Education Program

Salwan Girls Sr. Sec. School recently hosted a transformative 3-day workshop on the Heartfulness Education Program, led by the Heartfulness Education Trust. This program aimed to equip us, the teachers, with the tools to become “Heartful Educators” – individuals who approach their practice with positivity, focus, and inner peace.

 The workshop unveiled a powerful three-step process: meditation, emotional cleansing practices, and reflective exercises (or prayer). Expert facilitators not only guided us through these techniques but also shed light on the science behind them. They emphasized the importance of letting go of attachments to cultivate a calmer, happier state of being, which can then be transmitted to the classroom environment.

 However, the program’s impact extended beyond our personal well-being. It delved into the development of cognitive skills in our students, encouraging a shift in our role from instructors to facilitators who can nurture a growth mindset within the classroom.

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