Salwan Girls Sr. Sec. School, Rajendra Nagar (Jan. Month)

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Accolades in Sports

  1. Shruti of class IX-C represented Delhi State National School Games in volleyball(U-17) held at Tiruchirapalli (Tamil Nadu) from 26-12-2023 to 29-12-2023.

  2. Our alumni,Priya Mishra(batch 2020-21) has been selected by Gujarat Giants in Rs. 20 lakhs to represent in WPL(Women Premier League) in Cricket.

  3. Mahi chauhan of class-XII C has been selected to represent Delhi State in National School Games in Cricket(U-19) to be held at Ahmedabad (Gujarat) from 11-01-2024 to 15-01-2024. Also, she has been selected in DDCA to represent in  BCCI championship U 19 in women  T-20 and day cricket.

Jigyasa AeroFest 2023

Aerofest 2023, a national-level event organized by CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) –NAL (National Aerospace Laboratories) under Jigyasa, the student-scientist connect program, commenced in New Delhi. Launched by The Government of India in 2017, Jigyasa, in collaboration with KVS (Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan), aims to bridge school students with scientists, enhancing their classroom learning through well-structured research-based experiences.

The initiative fosters curiosity and scientific temperament among students while aligning theoretical concepts with practical laboratory-based learning. This year’s focus was on HAPS (High Altitude Pseudo Satellites) – autonomous aerial vehicles operating in the stratosphere, including aerostatic balloons, airships, and fixed-wing aircraft.

Currently, NAL is actively involved in significant civil aircraft programs such as the two-seater flying trainer (Hansa-NG) and the multi-role light transport aircraft (19-seater SARAS MK-II).

Team of three students was tasked with submitting projects, emphasizing originality (with a maximum 15% similarity check). After receiving over 280+ submissions nationwide, a panel of experts selected the Top 20 reports from 14 different states for the 3-day ‘Jigyasa-Aerofest’ event in Bangaluru from December 21st to 23rd, 2023, including SALWAN GIRLS SR. SEC. SCHOOL’S REPORT.

The event’s inauguration featured Prof. Dinesh Rangappa, presenting insights into Nanoscience and its diverse applications across ceramics, bio-inspired materials, structural engineering, radar systems, pharmaceuticals, and textiles. The fest showcased various segments:

DRISHTI D-AWMS, an Integrated Aviation Weather Monitoring System, displayed its milling machines, drilling setups, assembly lines, and testing procedures.

Flight simulator facilities included India’s indigenous SARAS MK-II, a 19-passenger simulator aiding cockpit design, pilot training, and aerodynamic analysis.

The Reactor Hall demonstrated the use of silicon carbide in aircraft material engineering, known for its superior strength compared to ceramics or steel. Its application in the aircraft’s braking system ensures mechanical robustness, friction resistance, and optimal thermal conductivity.

The National Aeronautical Laboratory’s Advanced Composites Division displayed components of the LCA-Tejas.

The Nilakantan Wind Tunnel Centre, where aerodynamic plane shapes are tested, notably housed the testing of Chandrayaan’s rocket. This largest wind tunnel boasts a 1.2m*1.2m trisonic wind tunnel with a critical ratio of model area to tunnel area at 1/26th of the plane size.

Highlights of the day included HANSA-NG, the first autonomous lightning-protected aircraft for pilot training, and the Acoustic Test Facility, evaluating aircraft sounds.

The day concluded with a thematic cultural program, celebrating South India’s rich cultural heritage through dance and tradition.

Day 2

Day 2 kicked off with a therapeutic doodling session, followed by a captivating presentation by Dr. Niranjan K Sura from the National CLAW Team (NAL) on the principles of flight, diving into the scientific underpinnings of aircraft structures.

The day revved up with an aero quiz event, and excitement soared as participants delved into crafting 3D planes from A4 sheets, testing their flight ranges.

The day culminated with an extraordinary showcase: the top 20 teams flaunted an array of cultural and vocational skills, from skits, dramas, singing, and dancing to self-composed poems and stirring renditions of folk songs from their respective states.

Day 3

It commenced with a lecture from Prof. Chetan S. Solanki , IIT Bombay, affiliated with the Energy Swaraj Foundation. Prof. Solanki embarked on an Energy Yatra in 2020, committing not to return home until 2030, dedicated to achieving comprehensive energy literacy. Known as the ‘Solar Man of India’ by Tol and the Government of Madhya Pradesh’s brand ambassador for solar energy, he passionately advocated for AMG—Avoid, Minimize, Generate—locally. He emphasized adopting the rule of 2L’s—limiting consumption—and promoting the localization of food production and consumption.

The day progressed with a general quiz and individual team presentations on HAPS (High Altitude Platform Systems).

The 3 day event culminated in a valedictory program led by Dr. VPS Naidu, the ‘Jigyasa Nodal Officer.’ The event included a prize distribution session and a compelling lecture by Shri Shyam Shetty, former director of CSIR-NAL, on ‘Indian Aeronautics: The Doom to Boom Story.‘ Shetty highlighted the monumental achievements of CSIR-NAL, ISRO, and DRDO, spotlighting India’s remarkable strides in creating indigenous naval aircraft (like INS Vikram), fully autonomous flying wing technology (UAV), missiles, and the reusable launch vehicle for the Indian space program.

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