Salwan Junior School, Naraina

75th Republic Day Celebration Report

“Celebrate the spirit of unity and freedom with pride and joy!!”

The 75th Republic Day celebration at Salwan Junior School was a vibrant display of patriotism and civic pride. The program commenced with a stirring Republic Day speech by Elina and Prish from Class V B, setting the tone for the day’s festivities. The school choir, Swaranjali, filled the air with patriotic fervor through a medley of patriotic songs, creating an ambiance of national pride. The school environs were adorned in the colors of the tricolor, further enhancing the patriotic atmosphere.

Alakshendrr and Shivansh from Class V A, eloquently recited a poignant poem, encapsulating the significance of Republic Day and the spirit behind the celebrations. Following this, students from Class V presented a skit highlighting the rights and duties from a student’s perspective, emphasizing the importance of civic responsibility.

A captivating group dance performance, accompanied by foot-tapping patriotic songs, showcased the unity and diversity of our nation. Darsheel Tanwar from Class V B delivered a soul-stirring Hindi patriotic poem, captivating the audience with his words of homage to the motherland.

Principal Ma’am addressed the audience, underscoring the correlation between rights, duties, freedom, and responsibility, urging everyone to uphold their civic duties alongside enjoying their rights and freedoms. The event concluded with all students solemnly taking a pledge to uphold the values of democracy and contribute positively to society.

As the grand finale, everyone rose in unison for the national anthem, performed by the school orchestra. It was a heartwarming sight as students showcased their musical talents by playing the tune of the anthem on drums, congo, and keyboard, reaffirming their allegiance to the nation.

The 75th Republic Day celebration at our primary school was not just a commemoration but a reaffirmation of our commitment to uphold the ideals of democracy, unity, and diversity, instilling a sense of pride and responsibility in every young heart present.

Basant Panchami

“As the fields turn golden and flowers bloom, let’s embrace the beauty of nature on Basant Panchami.”

To mark the festival of Basant Panchami celebrations with the students, a special assembly was conducted on Wednesday i.e. 14.2.24 where it was primarily associated with the worship of Goddess Saraswati, the Hindu deity of knowledge, wisdom, music, and arts. The auspicious occasion was started by the lighting of the lamp by respected Principal Ma’am Ms. Sonia Wadhwa who adorned Saraswati idol with flowers and offered prayers, seeking her blessings for intellect and creativity for the future endeavors. The celebrations were marked by processions and musical performances by the students of Class IV & V   performing a choir paying homage to Goddess Saraswati on this special day. This was followed by the captivating speech of kartik Gurnani & Jagbir Singh Gulati students of class V A who encapsulated the significance of Basant Panchami and the spirit behind the celebrations.  Yellow holds immense significance during Basant Panchami, symbolizing the blooming mustard flowers and the vibrancy of spring and the students were traditionally dressed up in yellow attire, performed on the dance track of “Maa Saraswati Shardey “. The festivals celebrations were also linked to the legendary romance of Radha and Krishna, where a bhajan was played on the keyboard by students Ayansh Jain & Divyam from class V A. The assembly culminated with the wholehearted Saraswati Vandana on Karaoke which was enchanted by all the students to mark the importance of this day as it also marks the onset of spring season.

 Just as the flowers bloom with the onset of spring, Respected Principal Ma’am addressed the gathering, wishing the little ones may blossom with happiness, knowledge, wisdom and success on this Basant Panchami.”

Demonstration Function Class Nursery and KG

Journey of Growth: Transport-themed Culmination

In our journey through the school year, we’ve embarked on different themes and an exciting theme is transport. This journey has not only been about vehicles and modes of travel but has also been a voyage of growth and development for our students. Today, we’re delighted to showcase the culmination of this journey through our demonstration function, providing parents with insights into their child’s progress in literacy, mathematical skills, gross motor development, and overall understanding.

Throughout the transport-themed activities, literacy skills have been integral. Students described different means of transport. The progression in their literacy skills is evident through their ability to express their thoughts and experiences related to transport.

Students applied mathematical concepts in practical contexts. They showcased their skills through hands-on experiences, laying a strong foundation for further mathematical learning.

Physical movement is an essential aspect of exploring the theme of transport. Students were engaged in various gross motor activities, such as pretending to be airplanes soaring through the sky, participating in obstacle courses mimicking different modes of transport. These activities have not only enhanced their coordination, balance, and spatial awareness but have also fostered a sense of adventure and exploration.

Beyond the literal aspects of transport, students have developed a deeper understanding of broader concepts such as teamwork, safety, and environmental responsibility.

During demonstration function, parents had the opportunity to explore our transport-themed classroom setup, which was designed to showcase the diverse learning experiences of our students. They also received personalized feedback from teachers, highlighting their child’s strengths and areas for growth, thus empowering them to work collaboratively with their child to further enhance their learning journey.

As we concluded our journey through the transport-themed activities, we celebrate the growth and development of our students in literacy, mathematical skills, gross motor abilities, and overall understanding. The demonstration function has provided a platform for parents to witness first-hand  the strides their children have made and to actively participate in nurturing their continued growth. Together, as a learning community, we look forward to embarking on many more enriching journeys that inspire curiosity, creativity, and lifelong learning.

Report on Hindi Poem Recital (Final Round) - 19-1-24

“Poetry is the voice of the heart, which turns into music through words.”

The culmination of poetic fervour unfolded on January 19, 2024, as the final round of the Hindi Poem Recital Competition for classes I-V took center stage in the foyer. The chosen themes—nature, seasons, patriotism, and New Year celebrations—continued to be a source of inspiration for the young wordsmiths.

The finalists, having diligently prepared, adorned their performances with thoughtful props, creating a visual spectacle that complemented their chosen themes. Enthusiasm echoed through the foyer as each participant recited their Hindi poems with passion, demonstrating not only linguistic finesse but also a profound connection to the essence of their chosen topics.      Top of Form

The finalists stood out with skilful control of intonation and expressions, enhancing the emotional depth and resonance of their recitations. The strategic use of voice modulation according to their themes added a dynamic dimension to their performances, captivating the audience.

The performances of the finalists garnered well-deserved appreciation, with the school headmistress acknowledging their efforts. The awards ceremony that followed recognized the exceptional talents on display, underscoring the significance of linguistic and creative proficiency. As the finalists stood adorned with their laurels, the event served not only as a celebration of their achievements but also as an inspiration for the entire school community, reaffirming the enduring power of Hindi language and expression in shaping young minds.

AI Fest for Sub Juniors

Nurturing Future Innovators: Fostering Creativity and Collaboration

The AI Fest, held on 03rd February 24 at Salwan Public School, Gurugram, brought together schools from across the region to celebrate innovation and collaboration in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Each school formed a team, with our school proudly represented by Team Boomer. The event aimed to engage students in hands-on activities and foster their interest in AI technologies.

Upon arrival, students were greeted with an array of exciting activities. One of the highlights was the puzzle assembly challenge. Teams were provided with scattered puzzle pieces and clay. Their task was to assemble the pieces into a coherent picture, showcasing their problem-solving skills and attention to detail. This activity not only tested their ability to work as a team but also encouraged creativity and spatial reasoning.

Another engaging activity was thermo col robot. The robot was like a photo booth allowing students to stand behind them and capture memorable moments with their peers.

In our quest to prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow, the students were further embarked on a journey to integrate AI tools into various educational activities. Students were actively involved in a series of activities utilizing different AI tools, each designed to foster both logical thinking and creativity. To share a few were:

Robotics Station: At this station, students interacted with programmable robots where with a remote they gave tasks to the robot and moved along.

Step and Learn Centre: Here, students explored AI-driven learning platforms tailored to their individual needs and learning styles. Through adaptive algorithms, these tools provided personalized feedback and recommendations, empowering students to take ownership of their learning journey.

Students use tablets to play many AI driven interactive games, Used 3 D pen to draw different images, played with Cuboidal Cube, drew different images on interactive board etc.

As a culmination of their AI experience, students participated in a robot dance performance

Principal’s Address:

In addressing the students, the principal emphasized the importance of two fundamental skills for success in the digital age: logical thinking and creativity. These skills serve as the cornerstone of innovation and adaptation, enabling individuals to navigate complex challenges and contribute meaningfully to society. Tips were shared how we can use ChatGPT in our daily routines in a successful way. Stress was also laid on using these tools to consolidate the students’ performance data over the years and see how they improve and work along with them.

The integration of AI tools in education has not only enriched our students’ learning experiences but also equipped them with essential skills for the future. By fostering logical thinking and creativity, we are empowering the next generation of innovators to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

By embracing AI in education, we are not only preparing students for the future but also shaping it, one innovative mind at a time.

Throughout the event, students had the opportunity to interact with their peers from other schools, exchanging ideas and learning from one another. Collaboration was key, as teams worked together to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. The AI Fest not only promoted technical skills but also emphasized the importance of teamwork and communication in the field of AI.

The AI Fest was a resounding success, providing students with a platform to explore the exciting world of artificial intelligence. Through hands-on activities and collaborative learning experiences, students gained valuable insights into AI technologies and developed essential skills for the future. As Team Boomer, we are proud to have been a part of this enriching event and look forward to future opportunities to engage with AI innovation.

Report On National Girl Child Day Class Assembly 23.1.24

 “Empowering a girl child is not just a step towards gender equality; it’s an investment in a brighter, more compassionate future for our world”.

National Girl Child Day is an annual observance dedicated to celebrating the rights and achievements of girls and addressing the challenges they face. In India, it is celebrated on January 24th, reflecting the nation’s commitment to promoting gender equality and empowering girls to become leaders in various fields.

Students of Class III- A actively embraced the class assembly on National Girl Child Day, held on Tuesday, 23.1.24 as an initiative that promotes the well-being and empowerment of the girl child, fostering a society built on equality and inclusivity. The assembly’s objective was to encourage the people to recognize and appreciate the unique contributions of girls to the community and nation. 

The assembly was commenced by narrating the importance of a girl child in a family as well as in society carry forwarded by a captivating skit by the students. The skit depicted the situation of a middle class family considering the girl child as a blessing in the family. The next scene switched to a classroom scene where the students with their role as teacher, students and Principal shared their thoughts to encourage people to recognize and appreciate the unique contributions of girls to the community and nation with slogans through the message of “Save the Girl Child,Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” and many more.

The skit was concluded with a heartfelt poem which added charm by concluding the National Girl Child Day assembly and reinforcing the relevance and value of a girl in a society.

Event Report: Shri Amar Chandel's Thought-Provoking Talk on Holistic Healing

“A healthy outside starts from the inside.”

Robert Urich

Shri Amar Chandel, renowned author of self-help books including “Stress to Serenity” and “Perfect Health in Twenty Weeks,” delivered a thought-provoking talk on “Holistic Healing: The Formula for Health, Harmony, and Happiness” on Friday, 9th February’24 at Janak Juneja Hall, Salwan Public School, Rajendra Nagar. Five students and two teachers from our school got the opportunity to attend the event.

Sir Chandel commenced his discourse by emphasizing the pivotal role of the digestive system in maintaining overall health. He stressed the adage “eat your food as your medicine or else you’ll have to eat medicine as your food,” underlining the importance of mindful eating habits.

Central to his message was the notion that holistic health encompasses physical, mental, and emotional well-being. He advocated for regular exercise, recommending at least 10 minutes of activity twice a day that induces breathlessness. Author addressed the students directly, advising them to refrain from late-night study patterns in favour of early mornings to foster productivity and vitality.

Furthermore, the speaker underscored the significance of regular exercise, cautioning against the sedentary lifestyle prevalent in modern society. He emphasized that “if we do not use (our body), we are going to lose it,” advocating for daily physical activity. In addition to physical health, Sir emphasized the importance of mental relaxation and cordial relationships. He urged the audience to prioritize rest for both body and mind and cultivate harmonious relationships for mental peace.

Drawing upon traditional wisdom, Shri Amar Chandel urged students to respect and learn from their elders, particularly grandmothers, who are often repositories of invaluable knowledge and experience. His parting advice encapsulated the essence of holistic health: “eat like a bird and exercise like an animal,” emphasizing moderation in diet and vigour in physical activity.

The interactive session concluded with an open-house Q&A segment, where students engaged with the renowned author, seeking clarification and advice on various aspects of holistic healing. One of our students also got the chance to ask his question from the eminent author.  Overall, Shri Amar Chandel’s talk was informative, engaging, and enriched with real-life examples, leaving a lasting impact on the audience and inspiring them to adopt holistic approaches to health and happiness.

Potluck Breakfast: A Community Celebration

The potluck breakfast organized for the parents of Nursery and KG at our school brought together parents, teachers, and students for a morning of delicious food, laughter, and camaraderie. This event not only showcased the diversity of our community but also fostered a sense of togetherness and belonging.

Parents enthusiastically contributed a variety of dishes, reflecting different cultural backgrounds and culinary traditions. From homemade pastries and savoury casseroles to fresh fruits and beverages, there was something to tantalize every palate. The buffet-style setup allowed everyone to sample a bit of everything, encouraging conversations and culinary exchanges.

As families gathered around tables, sharing stories and recipes, the atmosphere buzzed with warmth and connection. Parents had the opportunity to interact with each other, strengthening bonds and building friendships beyond the school gates. Students also enjoyed seeing their parents engaged in activities outside the classroom, reinforcing the idea of school as a community hub.

In addition to indulging in delectable treats, families participated in various games and activities. There was no shortage of entertainment. These light-hearted games provided opportunities for laughter and friendly competition, further enhancing the sense of community spirit.

The potluck breakfast was not just a meal-sharing event; it was a celebration of diversity, inclusion, and unity within our school community. By coming together to break bread and share laughter, parents, teachers, and students reaffirmed their bonds and created lasting memories. This event serves as a reminder of the power of communal gatherings in fostering a sense of belonging and connection.

Science Workshop

Title: “Salwan Education Trust Hosts a Riveting Science Workshop with Padma Shri Arvind Gupta”

In a captivating event held on January 17th, the Salwan Education Trust orchestrated an enriching science workshop from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. The distinguished Padma Shri Arvind Gupta spearheaded the session, unraveling the enchanting realms of scientific exploration under the theme, “Unleashing the Power of Science – The Exciting Way.”

The workshop served as an immersive experience for attendees, offering a unique perspective on scientific inquiry’s dynamic and thrilling facets. Padma Shri Arvind Gupta, a revered figure in the field, brought his wealth of knowledge to the forefront, engaging participants with hands-on demonstrations and interactive discussions. He prepared many toys from the trash. He ignited the student’s mind and revolutionized the way the world looks at trash.

The event emphasized the importance of scientific learning and underscored the joy and excitement inherent in the pursuit of knowledge. Students and educators alike were treated to an insightful session that went beyond conventional classroom teachings, fostering a passion for science in an engaging and accessible manner.

The Salwan Education Trust’s commitment to providing exceptional learning experiences was evident in the success of this workshop. The event not only left a lasting impact on the participants but also highlighted the Trust’s dedication to promoting a culture of curiosity and discovery within the academic community.

Overall, the science workshop with Padma Shri Arvind Gupta was a resounding success, inspiring attendees to delve deeper into the fascinating world of science. The event served as a testament to the Trust’s ongoing efforts to enhance the educational journey for its students and contribute to a brighter future filled with scientific exploration and innovation.

Steam Exhibition Report

“STEM Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Our Class 4 and 5 students astounded us with their brilliance at the STEAM Exhibition held on 3rd Feb 2024. The event was a phenomenal success, showcasing our commitment to making learning accessible and experiential.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

At Salwan Junior School, we believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals through activities, experiments, projects, and innovative teaching methodologies. Our approach empowers students to not only learn but also explore, navigate, analyse, and apply knowledge in their daily lives.

In line with this philosophy, our talented Class V students passionately presented their projects on the STEAM concept. This exhibition seamlessly blended scientific temperament, technical prowess, engineering tactics, artistic fervor, and mathematical abilities into language through captivating projects.

All 22 projects that were showcased by class 5 wherein about 75 students collaborated and worked in groups were excellent. The project topics ranged from the Solar System, Space shuttle, Chandrayan Model, wind energy, hydraulic pressure, sustainable city models, and Archimedes’ principle. Also projected experiments depicting buoyancy, density, and Water pressure.

Following their lead, our dynamic Class IV students took us on a captivating journey through the evolution of money over time. Their projects were a testament to their creativity and understanding.

They showed the entire timeline of the concept of money from the time of trading using seashells to digital cryptocurrency.

The exhibition provided a platform for engaging discussions, with parents, teachers, and visitors delving into deep conversations with our students. It was heartening to witness the students confidently answering questions, explaining the scientific principles behind their projects, and demonstrating outstanding collaborative teamwork. The expo also provided students to nurture their research and critical thinking skills.

Kudos to our students for their dedication and brilliance.

“You can teach a student a lesson for a day, but if you teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.”

Report- NCO (National Cyber Olympiad)

NSO (National Cyber Olympiad) organized by SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation) was conducted on 28th Nov’23. 17 children from Class III- V participated in the exam. The results are as follows:
S. No. Class Name of the child Rank Award won
1. III Daivik Taneja

Ridhaan Khurana
School Rank-1,
Zonal Rank – 16
School Rank -2
Medal of Distinction

Medal of Distinction
2. V Vivaan Singh
A Rehan
Hitansh Bhatt
School Rank- 1
School Rank- 2
School Rank -3
Gold Medal of Excellence
Gold Medal of Excellence
Gold Medal of Excellence

Report- IMO (International Math Olympiad)

IMO (National Science Olympiad) organized by SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation) was conducted on 14 Dec’23. 96 children from Class III- V participated in the exam. The results are as follows:
S. No. Class Name of the child Rank Award won
1. III Ridhaan Khurana

Shivanshu Singh

Hetansh Arora
School Rank-1

School Rank -2

School Rank-3
Gold Medal of Excellence, Qualified for II level
Gold Medal of Excellence

Gold Medal of Excellence
2. IV Vivaan Hari

Ayesha Afroz

Kashvi Singht
School Rank- 1

School Rank- 2

School Rank -3
Gold Medal of Excellence, Qualified for II level
Gold Medal of Excellence, Qualified for II level
Gold Medal of Excellence
3. V A Rehan

Shivansh Ghosh

Shivansh Tanwar

Vivaan Singh

Amiteshinder Singh
Jay Berry
Avleen Kaur
School Rank- 1
Zonal Rank – 2
International Rank- 2
School rank- 2
Zonal Rank- 4
International Rank- 5
School rank- 3
Zonal Rank- 9
International Rank – 17
School Rank – 4

School Rank- 5
School Rank- 6
School Rank- 7
Medal of Distinction, Qualified for II level

Medal of Distinction, Qualified for II level

Medal of Distinction, Qualified for II level

Gold Medal of Excellence, Qualified for II level
Gold Medal of Excellence
Gold Medal of Excellence
Gold Medal of Excellence
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