Salwan Junior School, Naraina (March Month)

Celebrating Success: Salwan Junior School's Achiever's Day

“Success is rooted in the diligent pursuit of goals.”

Salwan Junior School celebrated Achievers Day on March 15′ 2024, honoring students who exemplify resilience, discipline, and dedication. Recognizing academic prowess alongside talent in arts, sports, IT, and public speaking, the event showcased the vibrant spirit and collaborative ethos of the school. From academic excellence to exemplary conduct, the ceremony celebrated multifaceted achievements, inspiring all to strive for excellence in every aspect of life.

Embracing New Horizons: Farewell to Class V

Salwan Junior School bid farewell to its Class V students on March 23, 2024. Amidst heartfelt speeches and musical performances, departing students received mementos, marking the end of their primary journey. Parents, faculty, and guests celebrated achievements and expressed gratitude. As students move to middle school, the school remains dedicated to fostering success, ensuring each step is filled with memories and growth.

Little Stars Shine: Kindergarten Graduation

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

On this momentous Graduation Day celebrated on March 7′ 2024, the kindergarten glowed with the radiance of its young achievers, donning gowns and caps. Amidst captured moments and vibrant energy, the event celebrated not just achievements but also the boundless potential of our little stars. The lively atmosphere echoed the kindergarten’s ethos of holistic growth. These cherished memories encapsulate the dedication of all involved, reaffirming the limitless talent of our young learners.

Enlightening Beginnings: Kindergarten Orientation Day

On March 5, 2024, Nursery and KG parents joined us for a luminous start to their journey. The school headmistress, Ms. Sonia Wadhwa ignited the ceremonial lamp, signifying enlightenment. She articulated our mission, stressing collaboration. Staff introductions and policy briefings ensued, equipping parents with essential tools for engagement. The day marked a promising partnership between home and school, ensuring a bright academic year ahead.

Journey of Illumination: A Brighter Minds Odyssey

“In every mind, there’s a spark waiting to ignite.”

Amidst the serene ambiance of Kanha Shanti Vanam, Hyderabad, the Brighter Minds Residential Programme unfolded from March 22 to March 24, 2024. Welcoming ten educators, including Ms. Tajinder Kaur and Ms. Geeta Choudhary, the programme ignited minds with circle time activities, Heartfulness relaxation, and explorations of spiritual growth. Participants departed enriched, carrying the spark of newfound insights into their educational odyssey.

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