Salwan Public School, Gurugram (March Month)

Brushstrokes of Insight

Varnika Jain, a talented Grade XII student from SPS, Gurugram, has accomplished an extraordinary milestone with her creative painting skills. Her art work was selected as the focal point for the cover of the NPSC-UNIC Calendar 2024. Her artwork delves deeply into the profound theme of ‘Exploring the Complexities of the Human Mind through Art.’

Freedom from Baggage: No Bag Day Delight!

Salwan Public School, Gurugram introduced a series of ‘No Bag Day’ events in accordance with the National Education Policy (NEP) for students of Grades III-V, held from March 12th to 15th, 2024. The educators at SPS, Gurugram, skillfully planned  activities tailored to the specific interests and needs of  students. These thoughtfully designed interventions included teaching tie and dye techniques, preparing dishes without cooking, and engaging in sports activities that students enjoyed. The primary objective of these initiatives was to alleviate the burden of carrying heavy bags and textbooks, thereby improving students’ physical comfort, organizational abilities, and social interactions while fostering a positive and supportive learning atmosphere.

Embracing the Tide of Change: Reflections on the Water Warrior Ceremony

Salwan Public School, Gurugram took part in ‘The Water Warrior Certification Ceremony’ hosted by Jal Itihass at the prestigious C D Deshmukh Auditorium in New Delhi on March 22, 2024. The event centered around addressing India’s water scarcity issue, emphasizing the vital role of youth in combating this challenge. Eight students from Class VII, along with teachers, attended the ceremony. They were engaged in presentations and interactive activities like the Word Wall Activity, River Stories & River Corner, which deepened their understanding of the importance of water and the challenges posed by its scarcity, notably highlighted by the situation in Bengaluru.

The event also discussed practical measures to tackle water scarcity, such as incorporating water conservation into the curriculum and promoting awareness through articles and online research. Furthermore, internship opportunities during the summer break were highlighted, with interested students receiving brochures for further exploration. The participants were awarded the BLUE SCHOOL Certificate as recognition for their involvement and commitment.

Grandparents’ Day: An Ode to Family Roots

Grandparents’ Day at Salwan Public School, Gurugram, was a heartwarming tribute to honor the virtues of grandparents and celebrate their spontaneous affection and positive influence on the younger generation. On March 14, 2024, Mont I students joyfully welcomed their grandparents to share in this special bond with them. The programme began with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp, followed by heartfelt gratitude expressed by Principal Ms. Rashmi Malik for the invaluable role grandparents play in fostering strong family bonds across generations. The young Salwanians conveyed their love and admiration through enchanting dance and yoga performances. The day was filled with joyous games and a delightful ramp walk featuring both grandparents and grandchildren, creating cherished memories. The celebration culminated with the distribution of token of gratitude to the game winners and a meaningful feedback session led by the grandparents, enhancing the spirit of togetherness and appreciation.

Honouring Excellence: Embracing Achievement at the Felicitation Ceremony

Salwan Public School, Gurugram took great pride in, honouring the achievements of students from Grades III-V on March 20, 2024 in a felicitation ceremony. This was followed by an equally splendid event recognizing the accomplishments of students from Grades VI-VIII on March 26, 2024, and Grades IX & X on March 27, 2024. In the felicitation ceremony, students received recognition for their accomplishments through various titles such as Mathematical Maverick, Salwan Ambassador of Goodwill, Prolific Wordsmith, and more. Each student has embarked on a personal voyage of growth and discovery, emerging with a rich tapestry of knowledge and enhanced abilities. Ms. Rashmi Malik, the school Principal, congratulated the students and discussed the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP) within the school. She emphasized the importance of pursuing skill-based courses to emphasize on developing well-rounded individuals.

Diverse Talents Unveiled: A Showcase of Student Ingenuity and Collaboration

SPS, Gurugram saw a remarkable collaboration among its diverse activity clubs—STEAM Innovation, Culinary, Mathematics, and more—during the “Diverse Talents Unveiled” exhibition held within the school premises. The event was a vibrant showcase of students’ multifaceted abilities across various domains. It not only celebrated their wide-ranging interests and talents but also promoted collaboration and mutual respect among them. Through this exhibition, the significance of extracurricular activities in nurturing well-rounded individuals within the school community was underscored. Students showcased their innovation with the help of interdisciplinary prototypes to make life more meaningful and valuable.

Exploring Artistic Depths: Raghu Rai's Exhibition Experience

On March 23, 2024, Dr. Deepti Jain and Dr. Pampa from SPS, Gurugram, embarked on an enriching visit to the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art in Saket. Their objective was to immerse themselves in Raghu Rai’s captivating photography exhibition and gain valuable insights into the art of print-making. Against the museum’s elegant backdrop, Rai’s photographic collection unfurled with a brilliant showcase of his artistic vision and narrative prowess. The exhibition vividly demonstrated the transformative power of photography as a medium of storytelling, highlighting Rai’s esteemed status as one of India’s foremost photographers. Furthermore, a print-making workshop was conducted for the participating art educators, fostering an environment of lively inquiry and dialogue.

Rediscovering Culture and Heritage: ATrip to Red Fort

Salwan Public School, Gurugram organized an engaging excursion to The Red Fort, featuring a guided heritage walk designed specifically for students in Grade VI-VII. This enriching event took place on March 15th and 16th, 2024, with 85 students accompanied by 6 facilitators exploring the historic site. The expedition coincided with the Art Biennale 2024, providing students with immersive experiences that fostered a deep appreciation for the iconic structure, artistic expressions, and cultural heritage. Through curated exploration and interactive pedagogy, students gained profound insights into history and culture, developed an appreciation for architecture, established personal connections, and experienced educational enrichment, inspiration, and community engagement. These experiences are anticipated to leave a lasting impression that extends well beyond the conclusion of the outing, fostering enduring interests among the students involved.

Transformational Journey with Sister Shivani's 'Feel-Full-Fly' Session

Salwan Public School, Gurugram, in partnership with Brahma Kumaris, hosted an interactive session titled ‘Feel-Full-Fly’ with  Sister Shivani on March 3, 2024. This enriching event was open to all, with the purpose of elevating spirits and sparking inspiration, offering attendees profound insights into attaining emotional fulfillment and ascending to new pinnacles in life. Participants were urged to embark on a journey of self-exploration and empowerment, guided by Sister Shivani’s profound wisdom. Through dialogues and actionable methodologies, the session cultivated a deeper comprehension of inner tranquility, fortitude, and personal evolution. Attendees departed with feeling of enrichment and contentment, armed with strategies to gracefully and positively navigate life’s trials.

Orientation Programmefor Montessori and Grades I-IX

SPS, Gurugram, organized orientation sessions on March 21st for Montessori and March 28th for Grades I-IX to familiarize new parents with the educational approach of the school. The sessions were divided into four slots across the two days. The program began with a ceremonial lamp lighting followed by a comprehensive presentation on the curriculum designing, teaching methods, extracurricular activities, and school guidelines by the Coordinator. Ms. Rashmi Malik, the Principal, addressed the attendees and conducted session on effective parenting. Parents were apprised about code of conduct, rules and regulations and array of facilities available on campus for the students. A help desk was set up to handle transport/ accounts/ mid-day meal queries. The orientation aimed to foster a unified educational approach, helping parents identify suitable strategies to enhance their children’s learning experiences.

Praising Pedagogues: SCERT Haryana's Tribute to Outstanding Educators

SCERT Haryana organized a prestigious ceremony in the third week of December 2023 to celebrate outstanding educators who demonstrated exceptional skills in a statewide teachers’ competition. The event took place on March 13, 2024, at the SCERT campus in Gurugram, to commemorate National Mathematics Day. Educators from Salwan Public School, Gurugram, stood out as exemplars of excellence across various categories. Ms. Indeep Kaur excelled in Comic Stories, while Dr. Sanjana Jaisinghani, Ms. Meenu Sharma, and Ms. Monika Thakur showcased remarkable brilliance in Mathematical Tasks. Additionally, Ms. Sushma Chandna, Ms. Indeep, and Ms. Deeksha captivated audiences with their skills in the Games category. Their outstanding submissions earned them top honours, each receiving a cash prize of ₹4000/- along with commendatory certificate.

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