Foreign Exchange Program with Australia

The visit of Australian delegates to Salwan Public School, Sector-15, Gurugram on 11th, 12th and 13thOctober2023, marked a significant milestone in our efforts to strengthen international collaborations in the field of education.

Ms. SallyWebb, Principal, Cranbourne Carlisle Primary Schoolwas warmly welcomed to the school campus by the Vice Principal, Headmistress, Coordinator (Montessori-II) along with the students. Ms. Sally Webb was briefed about the Assessments and National Curriculum Framework by the facilitators of foundational years. They explained the teaching and assessment practices followed by Salwan schools under the umbrella of NCF-FS which emphasizes a learner-centric, holistic and skill-based approach to education.

Ms. Sally presented an overview of her school, Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School, and shared insights into their educational practices, curriculum, and the unique features of the school. The presentation was aimed at delivering a deeper understanding of Australian education.

Motivational Lecture byMs. Lynne Moten

(Global collaborative partner of Salwan Public School, Gurugram, andAdelaide,  Australia)

Ms. Lynne Moten’s visit to our school on Wednesday, 17 January, 2024 was a transformative experience for grade 9 learners. Focusing on the meaning and purpose behind resilience, she delved into thought-provoking concepts such as “flourishing together with dignity.” Ms. Moten emphasized key factors contributing to contentment, addressing the utopian complex, and encouraging reflection on how individuals treat those closest to them. Her session also explored the motivation behind actions, advocating for a shift towards being a ‘servant leader; rather than a self-serving one. Students were challenged to serve authentically and consider their spiritual purpose. Ms. Moten urged the importance of self-dependence, advising against relying solely on parental support. The visit left an indelible mark, inspiring students to reflect on their personal resilience and leadership qualities.

Japan Foundation

On August 22, 2023, Grade VI – VIII students embarked on an educational journey to the Japan Foundation Green Park. The purpose of the visit was to engage the students with Japanese language, culture, and calligraphy workshop. The event took place from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM and aimed to provide participants with hands-on experience of Japanese tradition and arts.

The workshop began with a warm welcome from the instructors who introduced themselves and provided an overview of the activities planned for the day. The students were divided into smaller groups to facilitate a more personalized learning experience. The following highlights were observed during the workshop:

The students were introduced to basic Japanese greetings, phrases, and vocabulary. Through interactive exercises they learned how to introduce themselves and engage in simple conversations. The instructors employed innovative teaching methods to make the language learning process engaging and enjoyable.

A significant portion of the workshop was dedicated to exploring Japanese culture. Students had the opportunity to learn about traditional customs, etiquette, and practice.

They got the experience of visiting the library wherein they had hands in experience to read various Japanese books, manga and anime.

Calligraphy Demonstration and Practice Shodo- One of the highlights of the workshop was the calligraphy session. An experienced calligraphy artist demonstrated the art of Japanese calligraphy, explaining the importance of brush strokes and composition. Each student was provided with calligraphy tools and guided through the process of writing in kanji and hiragana characters.

The visit to the Japan Foundation Green Park left a lasting impact on the students. They not only gained insights into Japanese language and culture but also developed an appreciation for the intricacies of calligraphy. The hands-on approach of the workshop allowed them to actively participate, enhancing their understanding and retention of the content.

Post-workshop, the students were given the opportunity to share their thoughts and reflections. Many expressed enthusiasm about their newfound knowledge and interest in Japanese culture. Some students even shared their calligraphy creations, showcasing their artistic endeavors.

The Japanese language, culture, and calligraphy workshop conducted by the Japan Foundation Green Park on August 22, 2023, provided grade 6-8 students with a unique and enriching experience. The workshop successfully achieved its objectives of promoting cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. The students left the event with a deeper appreciation for Japanese traditions and a sense of accomplishment from their calligraphy endeavors.

The event not only enriched the students’ knowledge but also fostered a sense of cultural curiosity and open-mindedness, aligning with the broader goals of holistic education. It is evident that such workshops play a crucial role in nurturing students’ understanding of the global community and their place within it.

‘Harmony in Holidays: Salwan & Cranbourne's Global Christmas Exchange’

On December 18th, 2023, an online Christmas exchange programme was organized for the students of class V, Salwan Public School, Gurugram, and Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School (CCPS), fostering global connections. Principals initiated a conversation, facilitating the exchange of traditions, adding cultural understanding. Students shared unique Christmas customs, fostering appreciation for global diversity. The program concluded with a virtual dance party to Jingle Bells, connecting students across cultures. This successful exchange achieved its goal of global connections, charitable activities, and sharing festive joy.

Inter-Cultural Exchange and Japanese Language and Culture Presentation

On September 4, 2023, an enlightening workshop was organized at Salwan School, Gurgaon, moderated by Ms. Yuki Inagaki, an esteemed educator from Nagane School, Japan. The primary goal of this workshop was to foster cross-cultural understanding and introduce Indian students to the rich heritage, language, and culture of Japan. Japanese students from Nagane School also participated in this unique exchange program.

The participants left the workshop enriched with new-found knowledge, friendships, and a deeper appreciation for the cultural and environmental aspects of Japan. Such initiatives play a pivotal role in nurturing global citizens and promoting harmony in our interconnected world.

Indo-Taiwan Exchange Programme

In collaboration between between the students of Salwan Public School, Gurugram and the students of Feng Yuan Senior High School, Taiwan, the Indo-Taiwan Exchange Program facilitated four significant projects on the theme of ENVIRONMENT involving 32 students.

Project 1 focused on Recycling Basics, emphasizing the 4Rs principle and distinguishing between recycling and reusing household materials. Project 2 delved into Vermicomposting, elucidating the process and exploring its applications such as bioherbicides. The third project, Art Integration, traced the evolution of various art forms through history, with a special emphasis on World and Madhubani art, elucidating their symbolism and contemporary relevance. Finally, Project 4 centered on Reuse, demonstrating practical skills like crafting wall hangings and repurposing plastic pouches. These endeavors not only enhanced cultural understanding but also fostered knowledge exchange and sustainable practices between the students of the two schools.