Salwan Public School, Mayur Vihar

Achievement – Delhi Hackathon 2023

On Wednesday, 07 February 2024, ‘Delhi Hackathon’ was organised by the Directorate of Education, in collaboration with IIT Delhi, IIIFC, and Dr B R Ambedkar Schools of Specialised Excellence. It aimed to foster coding talents and facilitate collaboration among young minds.  The event consisted of three rounds: Screening, Hackathon, and Grand Finale. In the Screening Round, participants tackled competitive programming challenges, involving well-defined computational problems that had to be solved within specified time limits. These problems spanned algorithmic or mathematical domains, necessitating efficient computer programming solutions. The Junior Team (AXON-J1008) from SPS MV, consisting of Mohd Saad, Shivansh Upadhyay, and Pradyun Jha, achieved recognition as one of the top 16 finalists. Their innovative contributions garnered praise, as they were awarded with a Certificate of Recognition and a Trophy for the school.

Achievement – Intach Filmit Delhi Festival

Filmit is a multicultural project funded by the Helen Hamlyn Trust (UK). The project aims to foster cultural understanding, care, and concern among school children through the exciting experience of making films. The INTACH Filmit Delhi Festival was held on Thursday, 01 February 2024 at the India International Centre, Delhi. Over 40 schools from the National Capital Region participated in the project. Students from SPS MV, won the Best Narration Award for the movie – ‘Nauchandi’. Filmit has proven to be an exciting and novel way to ignite interest in our heritage among the youth.

AI Integration Session for Science

The recent session hosted by Salwan Education Trust on 27 March 2024 and 29 March 2024, featuring Smt. Sonia Wadhwa as the speaker, provided an insightful overview of AI integration in scientific endeavours. The two-day event, attended by ten teachers from SPS MV, showcased various AI tools like Google Shadow Art and Teachable Machine, highlighting their transformative potential in simplifying complex scientific tasks. Additionally, resources such as Diksha – Virtual Labs and Study Jams Science Activities were presented, emphasizing Hands-on learning experiences. The program concluded with a vote of thanks by Sh. Anil Kumar (Assistant Director Academics, Salwan Education Trust) and Smt. Mukul Jha (Director Programmes, Salwan Education Trust), acknowledging the contributions of all participants and speakers towards advancing science education through AI integration.

Annual Conference of the National Progressive Schools’ Conference (NPSC)

The 51st Annual Conference of NPSC held on 21 and 22 February 2024, at the India International Centre in New Delhi, centered around the theme ‘Nurturing Minds, Fostering Mental Health and Well- being.’ Mr. Vipin Kumar, an IAS officer and Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Government of India, served as the chief guest for the event.

During the conference, discussions and presentations covered a wide array of topics related to mental health and education. Mr. Vipin Kumar’s presence underscored the government’s recognition of the pivotal role psychology and counselling play in shaping individual and societal well-being. Overall, the event served as a valuable platform for professionals and institutions to share insights, contributing to the collective advancement of knowledge in the field of mental health. The conference marked the formal induction of SPS MV into the NPSC.

ATL Marathon 2023-24

The ATL Marathon stands out as a flagship national–level competition organised by AIM (Atal Innovation Mission), from November 2023 to January 2024, where a fresh theme is introduced annually to inspire innovators. The students meticulously conduct research, ideate, innovate, and implement their ideas. The high-achieving students undergo the Student Internship Program (SIP) in collaboration with AIM’s corporate partners and incubation centres, allowing them to further refine and enhance their skills and prototypes. Embracing the resolute commitment of ‘Research, Ideate, Innovate, Implement – Mindful Innovation for the Greater Good,’ this year’s Marathon theme was aligned with ‘Creating Change Makers of Tomorrow With 21st Century Skills.’ Three teams of budding innovators from Class IX at SPS MV eagerly participated and showcased their creative ideas.

Closing Ceremony of Abacus and Vedic Math Clubs

On Friday, 02 February 2024, SPS MV culminated its Abacus and Vedic Math Clubs with a closing ceremony, marking a significant occasion for both students and mentors alike. The event served as a platform to showcase the remarkable achievements of the participating students, underlining their dedication to mathematical learning. Capt Richa Sharma Katyal (Retd.) Principal, in her address, emphasized the pivotal role of math proficiency in students’ academic and personal development, highlighting the importance of cultivating a positive attitude towards mathematics. Parents, in turn, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the clubs’ positive influence on their children’s growth and academic journey. Overall, the closing ceremony was a testament to the school’s commitment to providing holistic education and nurturing students’ talents beyond the traditional curriculum.

Future Tech Olympiad 2.0

The Future Tech Olympiad 2.0 was organised by 1M1B, with backing from IBM and CBSE. It aimed to deepen students’ comprehension of modern technologies. About 118 participants of SPS MV, from classes VII to XI engaged in online tests, covering Digital Citizenship, AI, Machine Learning, AR, VR Development, Block chain, and loT in Business and Industry. All participants will receive certificates, signifying their journey toward actively shaping the technological landscape.

Navtika National Symposium 3.0

The online Navtika National Symposium 3.0, organized by Salwan Schools under the aegis of Salwan Education Trust, New Delhi on Saturday, 24 February 2024, focused on ‘Navigating Artificial Intelligence in Early Childhood Education’. The event brought together professionals, child psychology experts, AI developers, and curriculum developers for virtual discussions on the evolving landscape of education with the integration of Artificial Intelligence. The symposium not only facilitated the exchange of ideas and strategies but also addressed challenges in early childhood development, providing valuable insights for stakeholders working with children in diverse settings.

The symposium achieved remarkable success with over 1700 registrations, surpassing expectations, and drew more than 800 on-screen attendees, accompanied by an additional 500 viewers on YouTube. Staff and parents of SPSMV participated in the session. The event featured esteemed speakers, enhancing its credibility, and served as an effective platform for promoting Navtika, attracting new readership, and fostering connections with potential authors. This success positions Navtika as a leading resource in the field, furthering its organisational goals and solidifying its reputation within the academic community.

Rendezvous With Self: Puberty Workshop

‘Rendezvous with Self: Puberty Workshop’, was conducted for students of grades V to VII of SPS MV, by Ms. Ankita Sukhwal from Unicharm. Separate sessions for boys and girls were conducted on Tuesday, 30 January and Tuesday, 06 February 2024 respectively. Topics covered included body positivity, human physiology, puberty versus adolescence, the reproductive system function, physical and emotional changes specific to boys and girls, changing interpersonal relationships, self-care during puberty, safe touch versus unsafe touch versus unwanted touch and safe sources of information on puberty. The session about menstrual hygiene entailed a comprehensive understanding on the process and most importantly awareness of hygiene practices to be maintained during menstrual cycle.

RIDS Action Plan Workshop

On Thursday, 15 February 2024, Smt. Neelima Goyal and Ms Poonam Sharma attended the RIDS Action Planning Workshop at Ramjas International School, RK Puram, that was hosted by the British Council of India. The session spotlighted the shift from ISA/IDS to RIDS, emphasizing on international curriculum integration. The resource persons: Smt. Meera Kumar and Ms. Disha Gupta talked about project-based activities and collaboration opportunities. Led by BC Education India, the program aims to certify schools fostering international awareness. Valuable insights were gained into the certification process and future collaboration prospects.

Self-Defence Training Programme for Girls

The self-defence training programme held by the special police for women and children at SPS MV, was an initiative aimed at empowering girl students of classes VI to VIII. Spanning ten days, from 29 January 2024 to 9 February 2024, the program benefited 120 girls. Guided by two adept trainers from the Delhi Police, Ms. Seema and Ms. Preeti, participants underwent comprehensive training sessions focused on equipping them with vital self-defence skills. Throughout the camp, the trainers exhibited remarkable dedication and expertise, delivering personalized instruction and guidance to each participant. Covering fundamental moves, defensive strategies, and situational awareness, the training sessions empowered the girls to effectively respond to potential threats or dangers. The interactive nature of the sessions provided a supportive environment, encouraging active participation and skill development. The program culminated in a certificate distribution ceremony, where Major Ajay Khandpur, Director, and Capt Richa Sharma Katyal (Retd.), Principal SPS MV acknowledged the dedication and accomplishments of the participants.

Self-Development for Educators: Enhancing Personal Effectiveness

SPS MV organised a meaningful workshop centred on the theme ‘Self-development for Educators: Enhancing Personal Effectiveness’, on Tuesday, 13 February 2024, in the school premises. There were participants from across the sister branches of Salwan Public School. It was a five-hour transformative session led by the resource person, Capt Richa Sharma Katyal (Retd.), Principal SPS MV. She delved into the intricacies of personal development, offering participants a holistic understanding of enhancing their personal effectiveness. The day covered sessions on: Re-Centring, Emotional Regulation and School Discipline, Self-Limiting Beliefs, Dealing with Emotions and Personal Effectiveness.

The resource person encouraged participants to mentally identify and release the ‘bricks’ or burdens weighing them down in their lives. She also discussed the concept of Baumrind’s Authoritative Parenting Model which continues to be a cornerstone in parenting research and practice. By emphasising a balanced approach of warmth, responsiveness, and reasonable expectations, authoritative parenting fosters not only positive child outcomes but also helps in nurturing parent-child relationship.

 The Key Takeaways were:

  • Identify and release the ‘bricks’ or burdens.
  • The mechanism of Emotional Regulation through a case study.
  • Understanding and implementing the principles of authoritative parenting can contribute significantly to the holistic development of children.
  • A dire need to challenge the Self-Limiting Belief.
  • The application of the Johari Window framework in the context of Personal Effectiveness.

Social Etiquette Workshop

‘Social Etiquette’ workshop, held in SPS MV, in collaboration with HT Pace, on Monday, 05 February 2024, was a valuable experience for students in classes III to IX. Led by Shri Lucky Puchharat, Founder-Mavericks India Solution, Communication Skills Expert and Leadership Coach, the session emphasized the importance of good behaviour and manners, both in and outside the school environment. The workshop was structured around social etiquette, respect, punctuality, effective communication, table manners, dress code adherence, gratitude, personal hygiene, respecting personal space, apologizing, forgiving, and cultural sensitivity. Students gained valuable insights into how social etiquettes contribute to personal and social development.

Spreading Awareness on Disaster Management

Disasters, be they natural or man-made, pose significant threats to lives and properties, emphasising the need for heightened awareness and preparedness. To enhance the understanding of disaster management among students in classes III to VIII, an initiative was taken by Social Science teachers of SPS MV, on Saturday, 17 February 2024. It included a video presentation illustrating various disaster scenarios and emphasised on the importance of remaining calm, following evacuation procedures, and seeking help during emergencies. The programme successfully increased students’ awareness of disaster management, fostering a sense of community engagement and responsibility.  

A Talk on Holistic Healing

The key to a healthy life is having a healthy mind. SPS MV joined a webinar by Shri Amar Chandel, Wellness Coach, and Haryana Ratna Awardee for an invigorating and enriching session on ‘Holistic Healing’ on Friday, 09 February 2024. The online session aimed to address the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual components of the health of students and teachers. Shri Amar Singh Chandel is a retired Associate Editor of ‘The Tribune’, Chandigarh, and according to him most people suffer from headaches, sinus, high blood pressure, neck pain, backache, diabetes, stress, joint aches, and much more, even from a very young age. The real difficulty is that all these are lifestyle problems, which just cannot be eliminated until we change our day-to-day life. He shared four principles (sutras) for holistic healing. 

The four principles are as follows: 

  • All diseases begin in the digestive system, so try to keep it healthy. 
  • Let your food be your medicine. 
  • Quit the bad habits which cause diseases. 
  • Try to cure yourself with the help of food. 
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