Salwan Public School, Mayur Vihar (March Month)

Orientation Programme for various grades at SPS MV

SPS MV, held an Orientation Programme for various grades. Nursery Orientation on Saturday, 16 March 2024, welcomed parents with a presentation of Saraswati Vandana and a delightful song and dance performance by nursery students. Smt. Sheetal Kapoor , Headmistress, provided insights into school operations and educational approaches. Dr. Preeti Jain,Counselor, conducted a counselling session on effective parenting.

For Classes X and XII parents on Tuesday, 19 March 2024 , Capt Richa Sharma Katyal (Retd), Principal, elaborated on the school’s vision, protocols, and academic expectations. The presentation covered assessment policies, examination patterns, and parent-teacher communication, emphasising student support and healthy habits.

An online orientation for parents of grades VI to IX, led by Smt. Bhawna Puri, Vice Principal, highlighted upcoming changes aligned with NEP 2020, such as Sanskrit introduction and French elective clubs. Detailed information on school policies and communication channels was provided, with a Q&A session to clarify educational initiatives.

Day Camps

Adventure day camps for students from Nursery to VIII were held at the school greens from Monday,11 March to Thursday, 14 March 2024, offering diverse adventure activities and skill development opportunities. Under teacher supervision, participants honed athletic abilities with Commando Net and Trampoline, fostering excitement and joy. Emphasising teamwork, students engaged in Zip Line, Tug of War, and other challenges, building essential team-building qualities and lasting memories. Overcoming obstacles like Zorb Roller and Balance Beam and leading in activities like Human Tank enriched the experience. Students departed with accomplishment and camaraderie, carrying unforgettable memories that fostered personal growth and strong bonds.

Excursion to Jim Corbett

Forty  students of SPS MV from classes VI to XII, accompanied by four teachers, embarked on an educational expedition to Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand, from Monday,18 March to Wednesday, 20 March 2024. The excursion aimed to ignite curiosity, instil environmental awareness, and cultivate appreciation for biodiversity and conservation efforts. The journey began with a visit to Hanuman Dham, a revered pilgrimage site by the Kosi River, offering insights into Hindu mythology. The following day, an exhilarating safari in Jim Corbett National Park provided encounters with diverse wildlife, including Bengal tigers and unique flora and fauna. Students eagerly embraced the wilderness, gaining hands-on experiences that enhanced their understanding of nature and wildlife conservation.

Flower show

SPS MV hosted a vibrant flower show from Thursday ,07 March  to 12 March 2024, amidst its serene green surroundings. Many visitors gathered to admire nature’s beauty in perfect weather, with a gentle breeze and lush greenery enhancing the charm. Petunias, dahlias, and various blooms filled the air with colour and fragrance. The carefully arranged displays of salvia and cineraria were particularly admired. The event was a delightful reminder of nature’s ability to bring happiness, echoing the sentiment that ‘Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower.’

International Letter Writing Competition

SPS MV hosted the UPU 2024 International Letter Writing Competition in March 2024 for students in classes V to IX. The theme, celebrating 150 years of UPU, prompted reflections on societal changes. Students from diverse linguistic backgrounds wrote imaginative letters in English and Hindi. Entries showcased the power of education in promoting global solidarity and cross-cultural understanding. This event highlighted youth engagement in envisioning a more inclusive world for future generations, emphasising the impact of education in shaping harmonious societies.

POCSO Webinar

SPS MV, conducted a POCSO training session on Saturday, 23 March 2024, led by Ms. Katyayani Anand. The session sensitised staff about the POCSO Act’s provisions, child protection, and identifying abuse instances. Ms. Anand highlighted differences between the POCSO Act 2012 and Juvenile Justice Act 2015, emphasising constitutional provisions (Articles 14, 15, 21, 21A, 23, and 24). Teachers learned to identify signs of abuse and specific offenses under the POCSO Act, fostering a secure and supportive learning environment.

Report on Viksit Bharat Ambassador: Artist Workshop

The Viksit Bharat Ambassador Artist Workshop on Sunday, 10 March 2024, at Purana Qila was organised by the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the National Gallery of Modern Art and Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi. This event that aimed to nurture talent and foster cultural exchange among artists from across India under the theme of ‘Viksit Bharat’ was attended by Shri Souherdyo Das ,PGT Art, from SPS MV. Discussions focused on various art forms to promote skill development and cultural understanding. Over 2500 artists participated, creating individual paintings reflecting India’s development under Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s leadership. Additionally, a play titled ‘Sone ki Chiriya’ was performed by students and professors from the National School of Drama. This initiative by the Government of India to promote Indian art and artists was highly motivating.

Staff Fitness Programme

A staff fitness programme was organised from Wednesday, 13 March 2024 to Thursday, 28 March 2024. The morning sessions aimed to promote health and wellness among staff members. Activities such as yoga sessions and group exercises were conducted throughout the duration of the programme Participants were encouraged to engage in physical activities and adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Overall, it was successful in fostering a culture of fitness and well-being among the staff.

Teach the Trainer: Brighter Minds Programme

Two SPS MV teachers, Smt. Neha Kohli ,TGT, and Smt. Neeta Bansal ,PRT , attended a three-day Brighter Minds training programme in Kanha, Hyderabad, from Monday,22 March to Wednesday,24 March 2024. The programme focused on heartfulness and mindfulness techniques like circle time and positive visualisation, alongside brain exercises and soothing music. Sessions emphasized Trainer Preparation, Program Fundamentals, and practical demonstrations of Heartfulness Cleansing Techniques. Topics included eye movement exercises and super memory techniques to enhance student engagement and cognitive function, with immersive experiences at Kanha Shanti Vanam enriching insights into well-being and sustainability.

Visit to AADYAM

Ms. Rehma Das (PRT – Music) and Smt. Shashi Singh (HoD- Sports) attended a captivating saree exhibition at AADYAM handwoven (An Aditya Birla Initiative) in Greater Kailash-1 on Saturday, 23 March 2024. The exhibition showcased a diverse collection of traditional and contemporary sarees, including Banarasi, Kanjeevaram, and Chanderi, reflecting India’s rich heritage.

Workshop at the National Museum

SPS MV students from classes V and VI on Friday, 22 March 2024, attended a workshop on the Harappan Civilization at the National Museum in New Delhi. Accompanied by Ms. Richa Pandey, PRT (S. Sci), and Smt. Seema Rana, PRT (Library), 35 students explored various aspects of Harappan culture, including urban planning, art, trade, and technology. Engaging in interactive sessions, expert lectures, and hands-on activities, students gained insights into the Harappan way of life. Guided tours of Harappan artefacts provided first hand experiences of the civilisation’s ingenuity and sophistication. The workshop offered a stimulating educational opportunity, fostering curiosity and a deeper appreciation for ancient cultures.

IIT Kaizen Festival

At Kaizen 2024 held at IIT Delhi on Friday, 15 March 2024, SPS MV students participated actively in the ‘Ingenious Geeks 3.0’ Science Competition. Three class IX students presented their innovative project ‘Jalnayak’, addressing ocean acidification and marine life conservation. Their model aims to rejuvenate ocean ecosystems. SPS MV secured the First position, winning a cash prize of Rs. 5000, reflecting students’ dedication and creativity in tackling environmental challenges. Additionally, a Class VIII team excelled in the ‘Social Sawaal Quiz’, receiving certificates for their commendable performance.


  • Shri Sunil Choudhary, PGT, Physical Education, has secured first place in the Delhi State Masters Yoga Championship and has been selected for Nationals.
  • Smt. Shashi Singh, HOD, Sports, has achieved the third position in the Delhi Olympic Volleyball Games.
  • Krit Kedia of IX A achieved first place in his category in the First National Online Essay Competition on the Role of English Language in Viksit Bharat @ 2047, organised by Sardar Patel University, Gujarat. Additionally, he was awarded a prize of Rs 5000 for his accomplishment.
  • During Kaizen 2024 at IIT Delhi on Friday,15 March 2024, six students from SPS MV , accompanied by three TGTs Smt. Romita Ahanthem , Smt. Trapti Gupta, and Smt. Shalini Raheja, participated in the ‘Ingenious Geeks 3.0’ science competition. Three class IX students presented the project ‘Jalnayak’, addressing ocean acidification and marine life conservation, winning first place and a Rs. 5000 cash prize. Another team of Class VIII students participated in the ‘Social Sawaal Quiz’ and received participation certificates for their efforts.
  • Shivyaansh Singh of SPS MV excelled in the IBM Skills Build and Sustainability Club Challenge on Flaunch, earning a spot among the top 100 nationwide for a 1-week AI + Sustainability Virtual Internship by 1M1B. The internship, started from Wednesday, 27 March 2024, offered sessions in the evenings, with top prototypes presenting on PITCH DAY for a chance to win high-tech gadgets.
  • The table tennis and volleyball teams of SPS MV, emerged victorious in the friendly match played at SPS, Gurugram. The teams triumphed over the competitors from SPS, Gurugram.
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