Salwan Boys Sr. Sec. School, Rajendra Nagar (April Month)

Celebrating Earth Day: Nurturing a Sustainable Future

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Earth Day, celebrated annually on 22 April, is a global event aimed at raising awareness and promoting action for environmental protection.

At Salwan Boys Sr Sec School, Earth Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm from 22 April to 26 April 2024. The event began with a special assembly, where students and teachers gathered to reflect on the importance of environmental conservation. The teachers spoke about the importance of Earth Day, emphasizing the need for environmental awareness and action to protect our planet for future generations.

Numerous activities were conducted to educate students about Earth, its protection, and the importance of valuing and safeguarding it.

  1. Tree Planting: One of the highlights of the Earth Day celebration was a tree planting initiative. Students gathered in the school garden to plant saplings, symbolizing their commitment to preserving and replenishing the Earth’s greenery.

  2. Poster Making Competition:

Students participated in a poster-making competition where they used art and creativity to convey messages about environmental conservation and sustainability. The posters were displayed around the school to inspire and educate others.

  1. Role-Play Performance:

Class VII students enacted role-plays depicting real-life environmental scenarios, such as the effects of pollution on ecosystems and the importance of recycling.

In addition to these activities, students delivered speeches and recited poems during the morning assembly, enriching the Earth Day celebration.

Legal Literacy Club

The Legal Literacy Club at Salwan Boys Sr Sec School is committed to fostering legal awareness and advocating for human rights and access to justice. Led by Mr. Akash Krishna from Delhi State Legal Services Authority, a session on April 19, 2024, delved into cyberbullying and cyber security, covering issues such as online gaming addiction, child pornography, and blackmail. Discussions also included important topics like good touch/bad touch and laws safeguarding children from sexual offenses. This session highlighted the critical role of legal literacy in navigating the complexities of today’s digital landscape, ensuring students are equipped to protect themselves and their rights.

CUET Workshop

An engaging workshop on ‘CUET: Central Universities Entrance Test’ was conducted by NIE at Manav Sthali School, Rajendra Nagar on April 29, 2024. Tailored for commerce students, the session, led by Mr. Nakul Shairwal, Chief Mentor (Delhi NCR), enlightened 34 students and two teachers about CUET syllabus, courses, and application process. Emphasis was placed on selecting subjects and exam preparation strategies. Important links for further information were shared, and various career options in specific streams were discussed. The workshop included a Q&A session to address students’ queries, underscoring the value of timely guidance in shaping students’ academic paths.

Vidyanjali programme

A talk on Adolescence problems like drug and substance abuse, peer pressure and impact of social media on today’s teenagers was organized in Janak Juneja Hall on 01st May 2024.

An interactive session supported by a PPT was presented for the learners of the school regarding the Adolescence problems, teenage pressures, peer pressure, drug and substance abuse was presented by Dr. Latika Bhalla from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. The presentation was about how to face failures and the role of parents and teachers in shaping social and emotional health of children. More than 100 students were benefitted by this session.

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