Salwan Public School Trans-Delhi Signature City, Ghaziabad (April Month)

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Innovation Fest Ignites Creativity

An Inter-Salwan Science and Innovation Fest on April 9, 2024, saw primary students from various Salwan schools showcasing their creativity through toy-making and non-competitive exhibits. The event promoted camaraderie, collaboration, and a spirit of innovation among young learners. They realized that collaborative creativity fosters innovation and teamwork.

Heritage Week Celebrations

During the Heritage Week organized by Salwan Education Trust from 8th April to 13th April 2024, wherein students visited the iconic Red Fort and Shah Alam Mosque, they engaged in activities such as journaling, videography, and sketching. The students also participated in pottery-making workshops with full zeal and enthusiasm. In model making, students constructed intricate models of architectural marvels such as the Sun Temple, Mudhera, and Qutub Minar. Artistic endeavors further extended into painting explorations with styles like Madhubani and Kalighat, while culinary explorations introduced them to rare heritage cuisines like Litti Chokha and Dabeli. The culmination of these activities was a heritage exhibition and presentation at Salwan Public School Gurugram, attended by experts like CBSE’s Mr. Madanlal Swahney and history specialist Ms. Zaidi, where students showcased their projects and gained valuable insights.

Activities for Montessori students

Red Day Celebration: A Burst of Colour

On April 12, 2024, Nursery and KG students celebrated Red Day with red-themed outfits, fruits, and activities. Thumb painting and a photo session enhanced their creativity while learning the significance of the color red in their environment. It was evident that thematic days enhance color recognition and creative expression.

Yellow Day Shines Bright

Nursery and KG students embraced Yellow Day on April 15, 2024, with yellow attire and objects. Activities like coloring and the Lemon and Spoon Race improved motor skills, coordination, and balancing abilities, all while celebrating the joy of the vibrant color yellow. Through these activities, they learnt that thematic activities promote motor skill development and color recognition.

Dress to Impress: Fancy Dress Fun

On May 4, 2024, Classes 1 and 2 showcased creativities in a Fancy Dress Competition. The event provided a platform for self-expression, building self-confidence, and showcasing unique talents. They discovered that fancy dress competitions enhance creativity and self-expression.

Fruit Fiesta: Nutritious Fun

On May 10, 2024, Classes 1 and 2 enjoyed a Fruit Fiesta, preparing fruit salads and mocktails. The event highlighted the importance of nutrition and hydration, promoting healthy eating habits. The children learned that hands-on food preparation encourages healthy eating habits.

Fun Races: Physical Development

On May 6, 2024, Montessori kids participated in fun races, promoting teamwork, sportsmanship, and physical fitness. These activities enhanced motor skills, coordination, and a love for sports. They realized that fun physical activities foster teamwork and fitness from a young age.

Good Touch and Bad Touch Workshop

The Good Touch and Bad Touch workshop on April 29, 2024, educated children on recognizing and responding to appropriate and inappropriate physical contact. Through interactive discussions and visual aids, children learned about personal boundaries and seeking help. They came to understand that awareness of personal boundaries promotes safety and confidence.

English Calligraphy: A Skillful Showcase

An English Calligraphy Competition on April 29, 2024, encouraged students to showcase their writing skills. Assessed on style, legibility, and beautification, the event inspired students to improve their handwriting and enjoy the art of calligraphy. Participants found that calligraphy enhances fine motor skills and artistic expression.

Hygiene Day Promotes Healthy Habits

Hygiene Day on April 16, 2024, emphasized the importance of personal hygiene with activities like teeth brushing and handwashing. Fine motor skills were developed through threading beads and buttoning. The headmistress's presence motivated the young learners to maintain good hygiene practices. The young participants learned that early hygiene education fosters lifelong healthy habits.

KidZania Trip: Real-World Learning

On April 19, 2024, students from classes II to IV visited KidZania, engaging in role-play activities as professionals, earning and spending KidZos. This immersive experience taught financial literacy, teamwork, and responsibility, making learning fun and memorable. They found that role-playing enhances understanding of professions and financial concepts.

SVEEP Programme: Civic Awareness Drive

A voting awareness drive was organized on April 23, 2024, to instill the importance of voting among Montessori students, parents, and the community. Activities included mock voting to educate children about democratic processes and civic responsibility. The children gained an understanding that early civic education fosters informed, active citizenship.

Overseas Education Exhibition

The students attended the orientation program for overseas education. They interacted with counsellors from different universities and inquired about a wide range of topics including program offerings, scholarship opportunities, admission requirements, etc. The students learned about various specialized courses, student benefits, and career opportunities. It was a great learning opportunity.

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