Sessions and Workshops

Author Meet – Amish Tripathi

Students of Salwan Public School, Rajendra Nagar attended an interactive session with Mr. Amish Tripathi held on 14th October at Pacific Mall, Netaji Subhash Place. Amish Tripathi is one of India’s most celebrated authors renowned for his mythological series i.e. Shiva Trilogy and Ramchandra Series. Harper Collins launched his fourth book of the Ramchandra series ‘The War of Lanka’ on this occasion. The students were thrilled to get an opportunity to interact with the author and receive a signed copy of his new book. Students also received signed tote bags as gifts. It was indeed an inspiring and thrilling experience for the young readers. The meeting encouraged students to pursue their passion for reading and writing diligently.

Brighter Minds Programme…nlocking the unlimited potential of the brain 

 Based on the science of Neuroplasticity, Brighter Minds (BM) is a training methodology designed to catalyze cognitive growth for children between the ages of 5 and 15 for a lifetime of learning. A contingent of 30 students from the Classes VI to VIII attended this extensive 7-day Brighter Minds Programme from 1st October – 7th October 2022 at the Meditation Centre of Heartfulness Education Trust at RK Puram New Delhi.  Students enjoyed an immersive Learning Experience with hands-on learning modules and meditation practices to engage the body, mind and spirit to trigger each participant’s hidden potential.  Students attended Brighter Minds Programme which included brain exercises, music, dance, cognitive activities. The Programme was successful in making the students more observant, confident and enhancing their socio-emotional skills.

Rendezvous with Scientist

With the commitment to educate and inspire the next generation of scientists, 20 students from the classes 9 to 12 were given an opportunity to interact with Mr George Gabe Gabriel from NASA in an event held at Salwan Girls School Rajendra Nagar.

The virtual tour of NASA was shown with lots of details on various aspects of the Universe. Mr. Gabe as a motivational speaker enlightened students about his journey to his current position and about NASA’s space missions and achievements. The students were shown working models of some astounding projects.

Students gained an insight into the life of astronauts shown through a video of the International Space Station and future work opportunities at ISS.

3 Day Book Exhibition at School

To enhance knowledge, creative thinking and reading habits among the students, Salwan Public School organized a 3 day-long Book Exhibition from 20th October to 22nd October 2022 in collaboration with Scholastic Publications. During the exhibition, a wide range of books were on display. including books on early learning, grammar and handwriting, self-help, biographies, fiction, and educational games. The parents and students showed interest in the books and bought them with great enthusiasm. The book fair event was a huge hit among students and parents.

Cyber Security – A Shared Responsibility To make the students aware, informed and safe, a workshop was conducted for the students of Classes III, IV and V by School Principal, Ma’am Sonia Wadhwa on Friday, 28th October 2022. Cyber space was compared to an information highway and students were told that it depends on the users that whether the journey is going to be enriching or dangerous. Students were apprised about the legal aspects of accessing the internet like the legal age, ethics and rules of using social media and gaming. Various terminologies like – Cyber Bullying, hacking, fishing, Internet Predators, Malware etc. were also introduced and explained. Students were guided –
    • to be extremely careful while downloading the games
    • to check for an ‘s’ in https in the URL
    • to be mindful of posting and sharing the information online
    • to remember the thumb rule of think before you click and not become a click bait
    • to communicate to their parents to adjust the settings before posting personal information or photographs on social media.

Strenghtening The Connect: Parent Orientation On Hybrid Learning Programme

Catering to the parents’ requests to spend quality time with the children and have relaxed weekends, the school has planned and designed a hybrid learning programme wherein online classes will be conducted on the first and third Saturday of the month which will include fun – activities, creative sessions, presentations, projects, discussions and practical experiences. During the Orientation on Saturday 29th October’22, the school principal apprised the parents that the Saturday curriculum will aim to provide a rich menu of exciting and motivating learning activities with the objective of developing skills and competencies of the children.

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp at IIT Delhi

Students of Gyan Devi Salwan public school participated in one Day Entrepreneurship Bootcamp on 1st October’2022 at IIT Delhi organised by “Think Startup”. The initiative was taken to equip students with the skills, mental tools and the mindset to help them identify and build upon the opportunities and to succeed in this rapidly changing world that we now inhabit. The bootcamp prepared students to make the most out of the situations presented to them and also to take on challenges and turn them into opportunities. It provided them with confidence in their own abilities and taught them how best to utilize their own individual strengths to create the best possible lives for themselves and those around them.

Workshop – “Managing Balance Between Parents and kids”

The real key to a happy learning environment for a child is trust and understanding between the teacher and parent. Support and cooperation from parents toward the teacher go a long way in helping to connect with, comprehend, and work with the child. A child’s attitude about attending school improves with a solid parent- teacher relationship.

To manage balance between parents and kids the session was organized for the teachers & parents at SMS, GGM, discussing the major issues of gap with parents, knowing more about parenting styles, difference between how parents want their children to grow vs how they actually grow, various needs of children, teaching styles, what role teachers play, distinguishing different needs of children followed by activity and a story related to the topic.

The workshop was highly informative and ended with the major three takings which were the 3C s of Parent Teacher Partnerships which included Consistency, communication and collaboration which is the most important thing that will help child’s overall development.

Avinya – The Steam Expo

SPS, Gurugram organized  The STEAM Expo on 22nd October 2022,  to promote the maker’s mindset in our students and to encourage innovation and creativity amongst them. The challenge was to design and to find a solution for a Real-World Problem, to achieve “Sustainable Development with Science & Technology”.

The core themes of the Expo were Healthcare, Education, Environment, Women Safety, Traffic, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Social welfare, Disability, Tourism and Digital Services.

Around 80 students participated in the event and showcased their creativity with innovative presentations.

Positive Parenting- Connection Before Correction

A session on ‘Positive Parenting- Connection before Correction’ was organized for the parents of classes IV and V. The main objective of the session was to equip the new- age digital parents with some valuable tips on how to be responsible role models and help them establish trust and communication with their children. The resource person, Dr Trideep Choudhary touched upon many aspects of parenting. He apprised the gathering about different approaches of parenting including Authoritarian parenting, Uninvolved Parenting and Permissive Parenting.  Dr Trideep reiterated the parents to give their children, due space to explore the outside world and keep the channel of communication open. It’s parents’ responsibility to help their children navigate through emotional turmoil, manage their temper tantrums and provide them a sense of security. It was an enlightening session for all the attendees.

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