The Incredible Journey of S.E.T & ICP

As a member of the International Confederation of Principals (ICP) since 2009, Salwan Education Trust has presented several research papers over the years at each of the Conventions that draws together Principals from all over the world for dialogue and professional development. The topics of these presentations are listed below:

Convention Venue & Year
Thesis Presented By SET Delegate
9th Convention Singapore 6-9 July 2009 Leadership in Multicultural and Intercultural Education
10th Convention Toronto, Canada 15-18 Aug 2011 Inspiring Global Leadership
11th Convention Cairns, Australia 1-4 July 2013 Early Childhood Care and Education
12th Convention Helsinki, Finland 3-6 Aug 2015 Whole Brain Thinking approach to Transforming the School into a Learning Organization
13th Convention Cape Town, South Africa 20-25 Oct 2017 Inspirational Schooling
14th Convention Shanghai, China 19-25 Oct 2019 Developing Leadership Capacity: Renewing Enthusiasm for the Role

List of S.E.T. representatives who have participated in the Council Meetings/ Conventions organized by ICP in the past:

Dr (Smt.) Indu Khetarpal – Former Principal, SPS RN
Smt. Rashmi Malik – Principal, SPS GGM
Smt. Rashi Oberoi – Headmistress, SPS RN
Smt. Sunita Madan – Principal, SPS TDSC
Smt. Tajinder Kaur – Assistant Teacher, SJS NV
Smt. Mukul Jha – Director Programmes and Training