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SPS Rajender Nagar, organized, The Read2Lead program was enriched with the enchanting Dad Reads to Me Day.  A devoted father from each section embarked on an immersive storytelling journey. The students were thoroughly captivated and enraptured by this one-of-a-kind experience, as they savored every moment of the enchanting narratives brought to life through a rich tapestry of props – engaging flashcards and endearing puppets. This heart-warming event not only fostered a deeper bond between parents and their children but also encouraged a love for literature and the art of imaginative storytelling, creating cherished memories that will forever reside in the hearts and minds of these young learners.

Twelve students of SPS Rajender Nager, of class X participated in the Adobe Work Experience Program organized by Adobe Inc., an American multinational computer software company. Tireless efforts of students won the 2nd position in the project submitted on the theme of Digital India : Vision 2030. Students were facilitated during the Grand Finale hosted at Adobe Noida Office (Sector 132) on 27th October 2023.

There were 4 rounds during which students showcased and submitted their projects to Adobe Leadership team in the online mode. As part of Project submission, students made their weekly submissions in the form of Poster, Animation, Video story and Presentation created Using Adobe Express.

It was a great learning experience as the students not only got hands-on with various Adobe softwares but also unleashed creative skills and showcased exemplary innovative projects with amazing use of technology.

The team:

  1. Arav Gupta XE
  2. Nyneishia Shrimani XF
  3. Dev Sharma XE
  4. Kanak Puri XE
  5. Yashica Sharma XE
  6. Manas Chawla XE
  7. Daksh Srivastava XA
  8. Sachleen Kaur XE
  9. Arisha Dhooper XE
  10. Manthan Ghera XE
  11. Akshat Singh X B
  12. Shriya Gogne X-E

Salwan Junior School in Naraina – Our teaching faculty members have completed the intermediate level training on “AI In Education”! We congratulate them on their accomplishment. Teachers attended in-house training sessions organized by our Technology Integration Specialist, completed courses and learning modules offered on Microsoft Learn and Intel AI Global Impact Festival 2023.

Artificial Intelligence in education has an immense potential to make learning personalized and inclusive. A variety of assessments can be designed by leveraging AI powered tools to develop and assess various important skills like reading, writing, listening, creating digital content, graphic designing and video editing etc. We truly believe that as empowered educators our teachers will be able to better facilitate the teaching learning process at school.

UBI, or United by Ink, held an open mic event online where students from Salwan Junior School in Naraina, were given a unique opportunity to showcase their talents. The theme was empathy and being there for others, and nine students confidently narrated stories, expressed their views, recited self-composed poems, and sang songs. Ms. Gunjan Bhatia, a teacher at SJS, hosted the show. This event provided the students with exposure to a global platform that supports and motivates talent. UBI was impressed by the students’ confidence and seamless performance. All participants received certificates for their participation.

SPS, Ghaziabad participated in the Two-Day Debate Summit (INUN) which was held on 16th & 17th October, thirteen students from grades 8 and 9 convened at the DCC Hall Library in Delhi for a rigorous debate summit. The inaugural day saw the attendees strategically grouped into four cohorts (G1-G4), each assigned a country to represent. Mentors from Pratyek NGO diligently prepared the students, who then eloquently embodied ambassadors, articulating their speeches before peers. The following day, these budding diplomats presented, exhibiting not just their understanding but also their persuasive oratory skills in this enriching educational encounter.

SPS, Ghaziabad, Students Explore Wonders of Science at NLEPC 202. In a monumental display of scientific fervor, 27 students got the opportunity to attend the 10th National Level Exhibition and Project Competition (NLEPC) under INSPIRE – MANAK. This illustrious event, hosted on October 10, 2023, at the Main Gymnastics Arena, Indira Gandhi Sports Complex in New Delhi, was organized by the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India, and NIF-India. Students were enthralled by innovative exhibits, such as the obstacle-navigating cars, ingenious mechanical mid-day meal servers, the clever automated teapot, and a state-of-the-art tech-savvy bicycle. This gathering of young minds was not just a spectacle of innovation but a crucible where the seeds of future scientific dreams were sown.

A webinar was held on Microsoft Teams for all SPS MV staff on 13 October 2023, on the topic – ‘Artificial Intelligence in Education’. The resource person was Mr. Gabriel Rshaid, Co-founder of ‘The Global School’. He is also the Co-founder and Director of ‘The Learnerspace’. The webinar highlighted the diverse applications of AI, showcasing its ability to revolutionise tutoring, adapt to individual student needs, and create more interactive and engaging learning experiences. Participants were guided through various scenarios, and case studies where ChatGPT could positively impact the educational landscape and improve learning outcomes for students. Mr. Rshaid also acknowledged the concerns related to AI integration in schools, like issues of data privacy, ethical considerations, and the potential for biases in AI algorithms.

A Capacity Building Program for staff members at SPS MV was conducted on 07 October 2023 on school premises. The training programme was conducted by Capt Richa Sharma Katyal (Retd.), Principal SPS MV.

The session began with an introspective exercise, wherein participants were asked to list out the “bricks” in their minds or the things that weigh them down in their lives. Once all the things were recalled, they were then asked to let go of each of them one by one.

Once feeling significantly lighter and fresher, the participants were grouped with eight in each. All were given a sheet each which had a random list of items they would save first till the last, in a moment of crisis. Each item had its weight and price mentioned with it. Once they had assigned the order, they were made to reassess the list in groups, discussing and reaching a common consensus. They repeated the process again. Finally, a discussion and a reflection ensued on the task assigned. The activity was a means to get to know one another- what one’s preferences are, facilitate group work- a way to complete a task together, respect each other’s opinions, and handle disagreements in a constructive way. It was concluded that as teachers we must foster these qualities within ourselves to reach our highest potential, individually and collectively.

On World Teacher Day, a seminar titled “The Teachers We Need for the Education We Want” was meticulously organized by the UNESCO Regional Delhi Office, in collaboration with ASN School, Delhi, on 05 October 2023. The event was graced by the presence of esteemed individuals and experts in the field of education. Smt. Anjali Saini and Smt. Monia Saini of SPS MV, attended the event.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Timothy Curtins, Director, and Representative of UNESCO Delhi Regional Office, in his opening address, underscored the significance of UNESCO report in the pre-COVID era. It emphasizes the urgent requirement for training workshops to enhance professional development among educators. Mr. Joseph Emanuels, Director (Academics) CBSE, stressed the imperative need for well-trained and adequately remunerated teachers.

Dr. Sharad Sinha, Professor and Head of the Department of Teacher Education at NCERT, shed light on demographic disparities within the teaching profession and drew attention to the shortage of teachers in rural areas and infrequent recruitment drives, concluding her address by emphasizing the urgent need for teacher education.

SPS MV organised a comprehensive training session for staff members on the Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences Act (POCSO), on 11 October 2023. Leading the training session was Smt. Katyayani Anand, a distinguished advocate, educationist, and child protection specialist. Smt. Anand highlighted the differences between the POCSO Act 2012 and the Juvenile Justice Act 2015, emphasizing on the specific provisions that protect children from sexual offenses.

Recognizing the importance of early detection, Ms. Anand discussed how to identify and recognize signs and symptoms of abuse. The staff was educated about the various types of abuse, including physical, emotional, sexual, and neglect. In addition to discussing the types of abuse, the training session also covered the specific offenses outlined in the POCSO Act.

The staff members were made aware of the importance of maintaining confidentiality while dealing with sensitive cases and the proper steps to follow when a complaint is made.

Empowering staff members with knowledge and skills to recognize and respond to child abuse contributes to creating a secure learning environment. The training session was a step forward in the school’s ongoing efforts to protect children and uphold their rights.

The process of stream selection is a crucial milestone that sets the foundation for a student’s future. The choice of stream not only determines the subjects they will study for the next two years but also has far-reaching implications for their overall career prospects.

SPS MV organised a workshop on Stream Selection for students of class X on 19 October 2023. Mr. Jitin Chawla, a renowned career counsellor, addressed the students and parents.

He also discussed the skills and aptitudes required for each stream and guided students on how to choose the right stream based on their interests and goals. He addressed the concerns or queries of the students and parents regarding stream selection.

A session on ‘Education Through Monuments’ based on Physics under STEM was organized for the students of Class IX at SPS, Gurugram.  The resource person for the session was Mr. Abhinav Singhal who is a distinguished figure in the field of STEM education. The session aimed to help the young learners embark on a journey unraveling the hidden intricacies of monuments through the lens of Physics. It also ignited a curiosity and passion for the wonders at the intersection of Physics and monumental structures. 

Workshop in Association with My Peegu for Parents and Children: SPS Gurugram, in partnership with My Peegu, organized two insightful workshops in October 2023, catering to both parents and students.

The first workshop, held on October 7, 2023, focused on the “Five Love Languages of Children” for parents. This engaging session emphasized the significance of comprehending how children express and receive love through acts of service, words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, and gifts. Additionally, the workshop delved into attachment styles in children, shedding light on each child’s unique emotional needs. The goal was to equip parents with valuable tools to strengthen their relationships with their children.

The second workshop took place on October 11, 2023, and centered on “Self-Care” for students. This session featured a diverse range of engaging activities that promoted self-care and emotional well-being. Students participated in calming body scan exercises and guided writing practices that fostered self-nurturing of the body, heart, and mind, and engaged in extensive discussions on various self-care strategies. The workshop provided students with invaluable tools and knowledge to prioritize their self-care and emotional health.

SPS GURUGRAMThe Study in India Conference was meticulously organized by ATLAS SpillTech University, Mumbai on October 7, 2023. It brought together Principals, Art and Design Educators, and Counsellors from more than 70 esteemed schools and institutions across India. The conference aimed to empower future generations in India to embrace studying within their own country, aligning with the “Make in India, Stay in India, Study in India” theme. This gathering of prominent education leaders took place at the university’s cutting-edge campus in Mumbai, fostering collaborative discussions and sharing of insights.

Sessions and workshops designed to captivate all participating educators. These included:

  • “How Start-ups Will Catapult India to Being a $5 Trillion Economy” by Prof. Omkar Pandharkame
  • “How AI is Transforming Traditional Industries and Careers in India” by Dr. Murthy
  • “Workshop on Reinventing India’s Dynamic Fashion Tapestry Through a Gen Z Lens” by Prof. Poonam Mishra
  • “The Future of Finance in India” by Prof. Bineet Desai
  • “How Design is Reshaping Healthcare in India” by Prof. Gourav Keswani  


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